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PlusToken Scheme Selling Could Dump Bitcoin Cost During The Next Several Months

This year made visible growth of Bitcoin price, as up, as down. Bitcoin’s cost lately declined to approximately 6,500 dollars as selling push continues “to chase” the market. 

Recent information from the Twitter analyst in cryptocurrency Ergo indicates that such selling is available due to future liquidation of 200,000 BTC in funds from the alleged PlusToken Ponzi fraud. He wrote in socials:

“If my counting is true, the 200k BTC estimates reported previously this year were exact, and market influence will continue during some time.”

Also, on 17th August, it was reported on some of the funds which were associated with the PlusToken operation, a general movement of cash for 22,923 BTC. As we can see, PlusToken fraud is one of the most considerable exit frauds the crypto space has seen thus far.

Crypto researcher Ergo explored extensively on the subject, studying different wallets that could be associated with the seeming fraud. Confirming the numbers of BTC, the scam controls can present a general picture of how many Bitcoin the PlusToken could dump on the crypto markets.

The analyst marked 200,000 BTC as the generally known amount the fraudulence could control, with proof of three wallet addresses thought to be involved in the operation. Likewise, he pointed toward PlusToken’s use of Wasabi Mixer, a method of mixing coins to change tracking on more complicated, the same as a method Ergo referred to as “self-shuffling.” 

“My temporary results are around 187,000 BTC. This analysis is not finished yet, but it approximately affirms the previous 200,000 BTC countings.” Ergo came to the conclusion that 1,100 BTC were sold every day in November. “Guessing all of the mixed coins (129,000 BTC) accounted were sold from early August till today, it is an average of around 1,300 BTC sold per day,” the analyst presumed. “Future daily sell estimates and the ~58,000 BTC unmixed total can help to estimate the duration of the selling at between 1.5 and 2 months.”

But Bitcoin’s bearish pressure can be explained as a lack of new retail money entering Bitcoin over the past years, to the opinion of Tone Vays, or merely the ebbs and supply of the changeable crypto market.