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Ripple Sues YouTube: What The Giants Did Not Share? - Binaryx

Ripple Sues YouTube: What The Giants Did Not Share?

The scandal between Ripple and YouTube flared up in earnest and is now at the trial stage. Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse has accused YouTube of promoting fraudulent activities that are aimed at discrediting the company and jeopardizing its reputation.

Ripple claims that YouTube has permitted fraudsters to postpaid ads on its platform. At the same time, video hosting knew that these were scammers who use the name of the Ripple director for deception and other selfish purposes. It’s not a secret that YouTube is interested in placing ad units to increase the audience of users, but at the same time, control over the transparency of advertising, the absence of fakes continues to be “lame”.

Ripple noted that as a result of the YouTube’s security policy neglection, many investors have already lost millions of XRP, succumbing to the influence of misinformation. The fact that these are not groundless accusations is evidenced by the data of the video platform. Any user can enter words related to Ripple in the search line, and he will stumble upon videos created by scammers.

The Ripple lawsuit states:

“YouTube presents ads on behalf of Ripple. This is the work of scammers. Instead of stopping scammers, YouTube approved these ad units, identified and published. ”

What requirements are claimed by Ripple?

Ripple indicated that it has repeatedly appealed to YouTube with a request to strengthen the response system and to combat fraudsters who disseminate false information on the platform. The director of the company explained that the lawsuit is the last opportunity to motivate the giant video hosting YouTube to change their attitude to existing problems.

One of the main points of the claim is the requirement that YouTube immediately removes fraudulent ad units that have false information even before publication on the platform. It is worth noting that Ripple did not indicate in the lawsuit the amount of compensation that YouTube should pay.

However, YouTube has a law ( known as Section 230) that can soften court decisions. According to it, all large Internet companies are not responsible for the actions of their users.