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Safest cryptocurrency to invest in

Safest cryptocurrency to invest in – A Pro Guide for All Crypto Investors

Cryptocurrencies today are a way to buy goods and services. Among other things, you can earn serious amounts of money from digital money on exchanges, with the help of “taps,” and also thanks to the game on exchange rate fluctuations. In fact, there are enough ways to earn money on digital assets. Each miner or investor only needs to find the safest cryptocurrency for himself.

The best choice to choose digital assets – it must meet the prerequisites of the client. For a few, it is ubiquity and predominance, for other people, it is the effortlessness of mining, for somebody, the cryptocurrency that at present has the most elevated conversion standard is ideal. A significant factor in picking a digital coin for mining, and particularly investment, ought to be its unwavering quality.

That is why more people are trying to understand – what is the safest crypto to invest in according to the current market situation.

Why Reliability Is The Essential Factor for Digital Money

The unwavering quality of digital forms of money relies upon the level of their security, too, which is basic, on the level of their predominance and a few different elements. Digital forms of money, in themselves, are a sensibly new marvel, and not every person chooses to profit on them, believing them to be a sort of “soap bubble” or even a budgetary pyramid.

This is entirely wrong, the principle of operation here is entirely different.

Yes, digital assets are not physically backed up with precious metals or with papers, which, however, does not prevent them from successfully developing and having reasonably high rates. The legal status of cryptocurrencies is still difficult to determine: in some EU countries and the United States they are available, and you can count on goods and services with cryptocurrencies (not all). Nonetheless, it does not mean that people cannot find the safest way to invest in cryptocurrency.

In other cases, you will first have to use specialized online exchangers to exchange cryptocurrency for any other.

Top Digital Coins for Investing These Days

Ethereum – ETH

The Ethereum cryptocurrency is a new digital currency, which, like Bitcoin, is built on the basis of the blockchain, where information about cash transactions is recorded. Recently, Ether began to be considered as a competitor to Bitcoin, which is quite justified. 

The technology of the platform on which the digital currency in question is used is characterized by a unique opportunity to register transactions with various assets. This happens on the basis of blockchain contracts. The usual legal formalities are not used. We are talking about smart contracts, which are considered the latest era in financial technology blockchain.

That’s because the ETH cryptocurrency is a bit of a “fuel” for smart contracts and Dapps created on their basis. Such technologies prove that this digital asset is worth your funds if you want to find the safest cryptocurrency to invest in nowadays.

In the crypto community, people dispute about which investment object is more safe & attractive – Bitcoin or Ethereum – do not subside. Despite the relatively young age of the latter (the Ethereum network was launched on July 30, 2015), reasonably well-known personalities of the cryptocurrency world prefer to invest in “ether.”

They are convinced that Bitcoin will soon eclipse Ethereum. At the same time, the potential of Ethereum is high and attracts the attention of major software developers such as Microsoft and IBM. A lot of ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) is carried out on the Ethereum platform, and a lot of crypto tokens are created based on the underlying ERC-20 standard. It is not a secret that such projects are creating an opportunity for people to join the crypto world as the safest way to store crypto online.

Bitcoin Cash

This is the “alternative to bitcoin” resulting from the hard fork. So, on August 1, the Bitcoin blockchain was divided into two chains, and a new digital asset appeared – Bitcoin Cash (sometimes Bcash), which has a shared history with bitcoin, but is traded under another ticker – BCC (less commonly – BCH).

After the hard fork, many exchanges and wallets gave holders of “digital gold” an excellent opportunity to receive a certain amount of Bitcoin Cash tokens, which should correspond to the balance of bitcoin in a 1: 1 ratio. For example, if a user has 1 BTC on his wallet, then he will receive 1 BCC after the hard fork. It is worth mentioning that most BCH investors hold their coins using the cold wallets, as the safest way to store cryptocurrency.

In general, for the time being, those experts who claimed that the original coin will develop much more dynamically than the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency has turned out to be right. To date, the rate of Bitcoin Cash fluctuates greatly, but almost ten times less than the price of the original coin. However, in the future for the next couple of years, the situation may radically change.

We should not forget that its youth plays against Bitcoin Cash. Investors simply do not trust the new currency. But as trust grows, so does the capitalization of Bitcoin Cash. Falls have almost stopped already, and the Bitcoin Cash rate is growing steadily, although slowly.

Bitcoin Cash is not as attractive for mining as “ordinary” bitcoin, and its network is continuously experiencing various problems. Most likely, the new cryptocurrency owes its capitalization of $ 4.8 billion only to the popularity of bitcoin, no more. Yet, the hard fork and other circumstances weren’t enough to stop investors think about this digital asset as the safest way to invest in Bitcoin Cash.  


The NEO digital asset platform (formerly known as Antshares) is often referred to as “Chinese Ethereum.” Recently, representatives of the project completed the full completion of rebranding. Now, many digital coin exchanges, as the safest place to buy cryptocurrency, have added NEO to the trade listing.

In particular, the Chinese startup reported on the upgrade of blockchain nodes, updating technical & invest documentation, social media, the official website, changing the stock ticker, as well as the successful transition to the NEO 2.0 smart contract system.

The NEO coin has been showing impressive growth for a long time, which allowed the cryptocurrency to take the 7th Coinmarketcap rating in a short period. In just the last three months, the price of the cryptocurrency has grown by about 20 times, and now NEO is trading at around $ 45.

NEO’s offer volume is fixed and limited to one hundred million tokens, of which 50 million coins are in circulation on the market. The market capitalization of the “Chinese Ethereum” exceeds $ 2 billion.

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