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Santander Announces Launch Of Payment App On Ripple Blockchain In 19 More Regions

We are all used to the fact that banks and crypto companies are in confrontation with each other. But the tandem of the major bank Santander and Ripple proved the opposite: cooperation between different traditional and innovative systems can lead to effective solutions.

Blockchain application for payments based on Ripple

Previously, blockchain technology viewed with prejudice, but today it is actively being introduced into our daily lives. Perhaps one of the most sensational tandems is the collaboration between the major bank Santander and Ripple. Back in 2018, the bank announced the launch of One Pay FX, an application for international transfers that operates on the blockchain.

Ed Metzger, a spokesman for Santander, commented on a collaboration with Ripple as follows:

“The driver for collaboration with Ripple was a request from our customers regarding the improvement of the payment system. We tasked with creating a system of a fast, cheap, and understandable system for cross-border payments. Ripple’s blockchain technology turned out to be our winning ticket. ”

Scaling the One Pay FX app

Initially, this application was tested in only a few countries, in particular in the UK and Spain. Santander soon received positive feedback from customer service. Consumer activity statistics gave a green light to the expansion of the territorial coverage of One Pay FX. According to the latest data, the application will be launch in 19 more regions in 2020.

“One Pay FX will be available to users in 19 more regions. In particular, the blockchain service will be launch in the USA and Chile. ”

Santander does not hide the fact that he intends to continue to cooperate with Ripple. A jointly developed application for payment One Pay FX helped to eliminate problems such as a time delay in the transfer of cross-border payments, confusion with the rate of transactions between different countries and others.