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Star Fans Of Bitcoin Became More: Bill Burr Intends To Buy BTC - Binaryx

“Star Fans” Of Bitcoin Became More: Bill Burr Intends To Buy BTC

Since its launch, Bitcoin has been the focus of attention of many famous media personalities who could not ignore the mainstream in the financial market. As Bitcoin matured, the number of crypto investors increased. More recently, the star comedian Bill Burr joined the adherents of Bitcoin.

Bill Barr is ready to invest in Bitcoin

Recently, the famous comedian Bill Burr announced his desire to invest in Bitcoin shortly. The crypto community enthusiastically welcomed this news, since an increase in the number of adherents of digital currency is a good trigger for building trust and popularizing crypto assets.

The decision to purchase Bitcoin Bill Burr made under the influence of a conversation with a major investor Anthony Pompliano. During an interview on Netflix, they discussed the causes and consequences of the 2008 financial crisis and raised the theme of the US banking system crisis. Talk about the precarious situation of banks, rising inflation and bankruptcy prompted Bill Burr to think about the need to find an alternative to the traditional banking structure. Anthony Pompliano managed to bring such arguments in favor of cryptocurrency that the famous comedian already did not doubt the need to buy Bitcoin.

Burr noted:

“I am ready to invest in Bitcoin.”

What long-term perspectives does Bitcoin have?

It is worth noting that the growth of interest in Bitcoin in 2020 received a new surge. The key role in this played by the panic in the financial market, which was caused by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The collapse of traditional assets has become a catalyst for finding solutions that will allow both business representatives and ordinary citizens to protect their savings. Today, the issue of protecting capital from possible inflation has called into question the banking system and traditional assets.

Today, the digital currency looks attractive due to its vitality, which demonstrated after the collapse in March. Bitcoin was able to jump relatively quickly from $3,000 to $9,000 and regain pre-crisis positions.

Anthony Pompliano believes that the growth of loyalty to Bitcoin is becoming a trend which in the future could change the global market infrastructure. He noted:

“The main reason for the growing public interest in Bitcoin is its decentralization from regulatory authorities. I am sure that the US dollar will one day lose its reserve currency status. Then comes the finest time for Bitcoin, which could take the place of a global reserve asset. ”

Bitcoin is a young asset since it launched in 2008. In a relatively short time, the crypto asset was able to get away from the status of an obscure and very risky asset and change the mood of part of the world society in its favor. If this trend continues, Bitcoin has every chance to change the traditional financial market.

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