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Surge of Interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain in America: Survey - Binaryx

Surge of Interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain in America: Survey

Among citizens of America, the level of interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies has grown. This is evidenced by the results of the Paxful poll. The impetus for this was the weakening of traditional markets, the precarious situation of fiat funds in connection with the spread of Coronavirus, the fall of the country’s economy, and the global crisis that will face not only the United States but the whole world.

Earlier, the US government was skeptical of cryptocurrency and did not consider Bitcoin as a reliable and safe asset. Can the US policy towards crypto change dramatically?

Americans again believed in Bitcoin

Citizens of America who already had any ideas about cryptocurrency and blockchain took part in the Paxful poll. The survey results were very optimistic: almost 50% of respondents believe that cryptocurrency can replace the traditional financial infrastructure, which has already become obsolete.

According to the results of the survey, 69.2% of respondents said that Bitcoin could become a full-fledged means for conducting traditional payment transactions. Also, part of the Americans surveyed noted that the main task of Bitcoin is to mitigate the negative effects of inflation and corruption.

It is noteworthy that in the past few weeks, the activity of Americans on cryptocurrency exchanges has increased. This is due to their desire to exchange checks for incentives received from the state for the quality of financial assistance, for cryptocurrency.

When will Bitcoin win?

The survey data showed that Americans have become more loyal to cryptocurrency, skepticism has faded into the background. Over 63% of respondents are sure that BTC will become a generally accepted asset within 10 years. Also, more than 60% of people believe that the United States will become a leader in the development of the crypto industry.

The study also presented questions regarding the weaknesses of cryptocurrency. According to 53.8% of respondents, cryptocurrency could be more popular if the crypto community paid enough attention to the implementation of measures aimed at increasing the awareness of citizens about crypto.

There are prerequisites for the massive introduction of cryptocurrency

The survey results inspired many cryptanalysts, including Arthur Shabak, Paxful’s operations director. He noted that an increase in the interest of American citizens with cryptocurrency can become a driver for changing the paradigm of the global financial infrastructure.

Arthur Shabak does not exclude the problems that exist in the crypto industry, in particular, the formation of the reputation of Bitcoin as an asset for fraudulent actions. But the Paxful poll data demonstrated the possibility of mass popularization of cryptocurrency.

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