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The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2020

The Crypto Investment – The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2020

A huge profit marked last year for some crypto investors. However, among a large number of varieties of digital money, one should imagine a list of promising cryptocurrencies that can bring a decent profit.

Among the abundance of digital money, the most promising cryptocurrencies for investment should be identified. These should be considered at the time of its inception. Right now, some of these virtual money has recently “appeared” and has not yet gained wide popularity.

It will be strategically correct to invest right now in the yet inexpensive virtual currencies. Indeed, in the future, they can turn into an inexhaustible source of income or will be considered as the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020.

Let us review the best opportunities for investments in terms of digital money for the next year.

Verge – XVG

Verge (XVG) is considered one of the safest and anonymous currency units. A high level of confidentiality is maintained thanks to the latest encryption tools. IP addresses of users are hidden. The amounts of transactions in the network are invisible. To confirm, it takes no more than five seconds. The capitalization of this new promising cryptocurrency today is about $ 110 million. It won’t be a surprise for many experts if this digital asset can become the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020.

The cryptocurrency community appreciates the activities of the XVG project team. Unique solutions of specialists allow people to protect it from the actions of intruders reliably.

Cardano – ADA

Many consider it the currency of the future. This ambitious project is only gaining strength. The creators claim – in comparison with other cryptosystems, it has more advanced functionality. ADA algorithms are based on scientific research and contribute to the scaling and optimization of block links. Improvement does not stop. All factors signal that this coin can be a top cryptocurrency to invest in for many investors.

The system gives users an unprecedented opportunity to create applications and contracts securely. According to analysts, the new mining will cause another increase in the value of coins. Being a cheap and promising cryptocurrency, Cardano is becoming one of the right options for long-term investment.


A project is still under development that solves the problem of transaction privacy is similar to Monero. An exciting development team, also some venture capital funds have already invested.

However, it seems to experts that there are too many risks – at the moment, the most common backdoor left in the code by one of the developers – for example, by order of specialized services, can forever compromise the system in the future.

Nevertheless, the currency makes sense as a medium-term investment – but can become the best crypto to invest in the next year easily.


This digital asset promises to be a convenient platform for institutional and retail investors. While Qash is not so widespread among bidders, but on exchanges, it can be found at 0.1 USD per coin. Most experts predict its imminent growth, including next year. This only can be a good sign for the project to be the best way to invest in cryptocurrency.

Among the unique project proposals is the Liquid system. It will change the balance of the game in the market, which is already taking a step towards the next generation of crypto exchange: the spread of gateways into fiat currencies, the massive interest of institutional, the emergence of decentralized exchanges. Secure trading of altcoins, positions in the banking and financial sectors, and regulation make this project very promising.


The project by Facebook developers. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg was under the storm of critics because of this project. In essence, it will be a stablecoin secured by the financial power of Facebook. On average, they planned to attract about 1 billion people from all Facebook resources. Such ambitions may allow Libra to contest on the market and to be included in the top 5 cryptocurrency to invest in 2020 list.

Users could be combined into one messenger-payment system with secure encryption conditions. To do this, they created the Libra Association, which included large interested companies (although there is another opinion). However, it is already clear that discussions with the regulator will drag out, and the project will start no earlier than the first half of 2020, and only if approved by US lawmakers.


The digital money investing is a complicated process, but you can handle it if you know details about the best crypto investment 2020 opportunities.

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