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The BTC Price in Ten Years

Probably this hypothetical question arose among many cryptocurrency owners today. There is no claim to the relevance of the issue, since foresight plays a significant role in any business, including cryptographic.

So why are we talking specifically about bitcoin, as the future of cryptocurrency?

  • The first indisputable argument is that Bitcoin is the world currency. At the moment, most of the worldwide currency is politicized, and the so-called “paper”. The same cannot be said for the global, decentralized and apolitical bitcoin. To reinforce these judgments, it is worth recalling the words of Tim Draper, venture capital billionaire, spoken at the Cryptocurrency Invest Summit in LA.

“I believe that the traditional currency will gradually give up in front of a better currency that will be global, decentralized, without friction. And I think Bitcoin will become one of the five cryptocurrencies.”

  • The next argument precisely in bitcoin’s account is its stability and a strong market position. Remembering, for example, the trends in the growth of bitcoin for 2019, we can note the persistence in its condition throughout the year, and the active attention of users with an increase in its value in the summer of 2019.

Speaking about the theoretical value of bitcoin in the future, we can only emphasize confidence in its stability, but what do the giants of the cryptographic business think about this?

For example, Jeremy Liew (@jeremysliew), a pioneer in creating many mass-market trends, partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, said that the market capitalization of Bitcoin in 2030 is determined by the number of Bitcoin holders times the average value of Bitcoins, so we can talk about that the supply of Bitcoin in 2030 will be about 20 million. Based on all this, the estimated cost of bitcoin is approximately $ 500,000.

But Wences Casares – the founder and CEO of Xapo, a Bitcoin wallet startup, a member of the PayPal board and the owner of the cryptocurrency since 2011, increased Jeremy Liew rates by at least 2 times. Thus, according to his forecasts, BTC will cost about $ 1 million by 2030.

In contrast to the high expectations of his colleagues, Kay Van Petersen, an analyst with Saxo Bank, a Danish investment bank, believes that by 2027, Bitcoin will grow to just $ 100,000 per unit. As the person who successfully predicted Bitcoin’s flow to $ 2,000 by 2017, perhaps Kay Van Petersen’s most recent estimate is a bit optimistic, suggests that Bitcoin will then account for 10% of the volume in the foreign exchange market.