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the best cryptocurrency that will appear in 2020

The Cryptocurrency Market in 2020: The Best Crypto for Investments

The Best Cryptocurrency That Will Appear in 2020

We are slowly moving towards a format for a society in which the economy is entirely decentralized, and instead of fiat money, people will use cryptocurrency. 

Two years ago, the bitcoin price was about $ 500 – today, it is hard to believe, despite the downturn in the crypto market. Many cryptocurrencies did not even exist at that time. Let’s try to imagine which coins will appear in the list of the largest in 2020 – maybe now is the time to buy them.
Whether you like it or not, the crypto community continues to promote this idea and bring together enthusiasts around the world. Although the cost of cryptocurrency is volatile, the popularity of virtual money is only growing.

  • NEO

NEO (NEO / USD) has many undeniable advantages: it is a close-knit community of developers, and the second level for scaling (Trinity), as well as the mass of ICOs,  planned in the system and good relations with the Chinese government. It has many chances to become the best new cryptocurrency 2020. 

NEO is not embarrassed by its centralization, which means vulnerability to censorship, and the situation will not change until the ecosystem is mature enough to release it into the big crypto world. However, it still can be the best new crypto for all traders, regardless of their level of experience.

  • EOS

EOS (EOS / USD) will become the No. 1 operating system for enterprise applications in the west. If we see decentralized Uber, Facebook, or Twitter, they will be built on the EOS platform.

Outside of China, EOS will process the lion’s share of corporate applications, which means that the value of cryptocurrency will increase many times over. Many experts claim that EOS is about to become the top new cryptocurrency for all investors. 

EOS allows Ethereum developers to take their project and transfer it to the EOS network, which significantly simplifies the change of platform. Thus, EOS has both excellent invest and technology prospects.

  • Cardano

The launch of the Goguen project and the KEVM test network can give impetus to the Cardano price hike. 

Cardano has many prospects as a cryptocurrency, and many tend to believe that it can be the best new crypto 2020. 

The introduction of Cardano in the eastern Pacific, especially in Japan, may also contribute to growth. According to many experts, Cardano’s price in 2020 could rise from $ 0.29 to $ 0.5.

  • Stellar XLM

Stellar XLM will turn into the main stage for building a venture level payment framework. Payment frameworks and banking foundations are an undeniable application for digital currencies. Today, there are two driving players in this field: this is Ripple (XRP) and Stellar with a Lumen coin (XLM). Both cryptocurrencies have a future and people choose them as the best new cryptocurrency to invest in nowadays.

At the time of writing, XRP is about five times superior to XML in market capitalization. However, by 2020, the situation may be reversed: yes, XRP will retain its dominance in “big banking,” but the rest of the market will go to XLM coin. What are these areas?

  • Banking services for those to whom they are traditionally unavailable (possible competitor: OMG).
  • Remittances from labor migrants to their families (an industry with a volume of $ 500 billion, awaiting development).
  • ICOs on the Stellar platform (Mobius, Kin, and Smartlands have already moved to Stellar because they have many facts to believe that XLM is the best new crypto to invest in currently ).
  • Cross-border payments (except for large banks).
  • Stellar as a platform for decentralized exchangers like SDEX.
  • Implementation of the Lightning network on the Stellar platform (potential atomic swaps between BTC and LTC)

There are many projects that have similar features, but it is hard to imagine them as the best new coins to invest in – giving that XLM is already here.

  • Bitcoin

Most cryptocurrency experts are confident that Bitcoin will continue to dominate the market for top cryptocurrencies. Its value will remain in 2020 due to the following factors:

  1. the inflow of money from institutional investors;
  2. high speed of implementation;
  3. possible global financial crisis.

Many companies buy BTC, hoping to make investments that pay off in the future. Of course, the Lightning Network will add more value to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Regardless of talks and rumors, Bitcoin is still considered to be the best new cryptocurrency to invest despite its age.


The presentation of digital currency around the globe and the following worldwide monetary emergency can add to its worth. Regardless of bits of gossip, a bubble called “digital money” won’t detonate in 2019 or 2020. Along these lines, in the event that you choose to put funds into digital currency, you can expand your advantages in only two years.

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