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The Current Table With The Hash Rate Of Video Cards For 2021

2021 continued the mining trend. The number of crypto miners continues to grow steadily. At the same time, the leaders of interests remain the same, as in the past 5 years – Bitcoin and Ethereum. If the last coin is still somehow trying to get with the help of traditional video cards, then for the #1 cryptocurrency ASICs have been used for a long time. Although, GPUs are still in demand among the miners. Therefore, let’s look at the data on the hash rate of video cards relative to popular mining algorithms.

What’s going on with the equipment now

Bitcoin mining remains stable and predictable in terms of hardware selection. It’s because there are no dizzying changes in ASIC devices, and each new generation of equipment only improves the features of the previous ones.

At the same time, the situation with crypto mining through video cards is not so stable. So, in 2020, “red” and “green” video cards entered the market with much higher energy efficiency than the 2019 GPUs. Moreover, there is an increasing stratification of “miners” into two camps – users of their equipment and users of cloud services. And this division is evident at the border of 5 Gb of RAM (the minimum amount for Ethereum mining).

The crypto market understands this limitation and constantly offers new coins focusing on powerful GPU – Octopus, Cortex, GRIN, and others. However, older projects also continue to struggle for the attention of miners with less powerful cards. So, Ethereum Classic switched to the new ETCHash algorithm. Therefore, the coin can again be mined on video cards with 4 Gb of video memory or less. Also worth mentioning is the VertCoin hard fork, which also received its algorithm called Verthash.

At the same time, ETH is no longer available for mining on low-power GPUs. But this is not the only unpleasant surprise. The hash rate on Nvidia Geforce GTX 1000 series cards started to decrease gradually in the past year. Now the GTX 1080Ti can deliver 50MH/s, and even then when the GPU frequency is raised to the maximum. The GTX 1060/1070/1080 also has similar problems. And the downward trend will continue as the Ethereum era rises.

Mining software developers also don’t stand aside. They regularly add fuel to the fire by adding new functions and constantly improving the program code. Therefore, the owners of the mining equipment always have to keep fit. So, version 0.8.0 of the popular TeamRedMiner has significantly improved hash rates when mining Ethereum on AMD cards. This came as a surprise to many miners and other crypto people since the ETHash algorithm has been used for 6 years, and no fundamental changes were expected.

Now let’s look at the data on the speed of mining digital currencies on “red” video cards.. 

Hash rate table for video cards based on AMD GPU 

RX560 7H/s7H/s70 W    5Mh/s53 W
RX470/5707 Mh/s120 W24 H/s100 W13 H/s110 W 0,1 H/s110 W 7,8 Mh/s130 W13 Mh/s160 W
RX480/58030,5 Mh/s130 W21 H/s110 W15,5 H/s130 W 0,2 H/s110 W0,6 Mh/s120 W9,4 Mh/s140 W13 Mh/s170 W
RX59032 Mh/s150 W      15 Mh/s150 W
RX5500XT27 Mh/s65 W      11 Mh/s125 W
RX5600XT40,5 Mh/s110 W      17,5 Mh/s130 W
RX5700 55 Mh/s130 W 24 H/s140 W 0,5 H/s170 W  19,5 MH/s160 W
RX5700XT55 MH/s130 W 25 H/s140 W 0,5 H/s190 W2 Mh/s130 W 21 Mh/s160 W
Vega 5645 Mh/s170 W34 H/s230 W28 H/s220 W 0,3 H/s230 W15,5 Mh/s250 W22 Mh/s230 W
Vega 6446 Mh/s190 W38 h/s250 W29 H/s240 W  0,35 H/s250 W17,5 Mh/s270 W23,5 Mh/s250 W
Vega 793 Mh/s200 W49 H/s180 W43 H/s210 W 0,5 H/s200 W27 Mh/s250 W30 Mh/s240 W
RX6700XT47 Mh/s130 W68 H/s180 W     25 Mh/s200 W
RX680065 Mh/s170 W90 H/s200 W37 Mh/s200 W    33 Mh/s200 W
RX6800XT65 MH/s170 W       
RX6900XT65 MH/s170 W       

The secret of the high performance of AMD GPUs based on the Ethash algorithm is the competent change in RAM timings.

You also need to consider that in 2021, Ethereum mining on RX470/480/570/580 cards is not possible. It’s all because the DAG file has grown too much.

Available software for mining on AMD graphics cards

As you can see, mining of cryptocurrencies on “red” video cards is entirely possible. To do this, you can use the following types of programs:

  • for Ethash: Claymore`s Dual mining, Ethermine, Phoenix miner, TeamRedMiner;
  • for Zhash and Beam: Lolminer, Bminer;
  • for Grin: Bminer, Gringoldminer, acegrinminer, gminer, lolminer;
  • for ProgPOW: progpowminer amd, ethminer;
  • for KawPow: NBminer, kawpowminer, teamredminer;
  • for MTP: teamredminer.

Hash rate table for video cards based on NVIDIA GPUs

Next up in our analysis are NVIDIA GPUs. Here are the mining speed numbers they show on popular algorithms:

GTX1050Ti 4GB 19 H/s80 W6 H/s80 W    6,1 Mh/s80 W
GTX1060 6GB22,5 Mh/s90 W32,5 H/s90 W10,7 H/s90 W1,8 H/s90 W 1,3 MH/s90 W9 Mh/s90 W9 Mh/s90 W
GTX1070 26 Mh/s140 W56 H/s130 W17,3 H/s130 W2,8 H/s130 W0,5 H/s130 W2,2 MH/s130 W14,5 Mh/s130 W14,5 Mh/s130 W
GTX1070Ti29 Mh/s140 W59 H/s130 W19 H/s130 W 2,9 H/s130 W0,5 H/s150 W2,5 Mh/s130 W15 Mh/s130 W15 Mh/s130 W
GTX1080 34 Mh/s170 W67 H/s160 W20 H/s 150 W3,2 h/s160 W0.5 H/s180 W2,8 Mh/s150 W16,9 MH/s160 W16,9 Mh/s160 W
GTX1080TI 41 Mh/s180 W86 H/s200 W27,3 H/s190 W4,3 H/s190 W0,64 H/s190 W3,6 MH/S190 W21,5 Mh/s200 W21,5 Mh/s200 W
GTX165016 MH/s55 W23 H/s70 W       
GTX166023 Mh/s80 W37 H/s90 W14,4 H/s90 W2,1 H/s90 W 2 Mh/s100 W10,7 Mh/s90 W10,7 Mh/s90 W
GTX1660S27 Mh/s110 W39 H/s110 W16,8 H/s90 W3.3 H/s90 W0.27 H/s90 W2,3 Mh/s100 W 13 MH/s120 W
GTX1660Ti28 Mh/s80 W39 H/s90 W15,2 H/s90 W2,4 H/s90 W 2 Mh/s100 W13,3 MH/s90 W 13,3 Mh/s90 W
RTX2060 30 Mh/s120 W57 H/s130 W30 H/s130 W3,4 H/s130 W 2,6 MH/s130 W18 Mh/s130 W18 Mh/s130 W
RTX2060S 39 Mh/s140 W75 H/s160 W   3,3 MH/s160 W  
RTX2070 40 Mh/s140 W62 H/s 150 W23 H/s 150 W4 H/s150 W0,5 H/s150 W2,8 Mh/s150 W21 Mh/s150 W21 Mh/s150 W
RTX2070S 39 Mh/s150 W86 H/s180 W26 H/s180 W6 H/s175 W0.6 H/s175 W4,2 MH/s180 W 27 Mh/s210 W
RTX2080 40,1 Mh/s160 W88 H/s190 W30 H/s 190 W4,8 H/s190 W 0,67 H/s190 W4 MH/s190 W26,5 Mh/s190 W26,5 Mh/s190 W
RTX2080S40 Mh/s150 W   0,85 H/s200 W4,5 Mh/s210 W 28,7 MH/s210 W
RTX2080Ti 55,2 Mh/s180 W100 H/s220 W 37,8 H/s220 W6 H/s220 W1 H/s220 W4,6 MH/s220 W31,5 Mh/s220 W31,5 Mh/s220 W
RTX306048 MH/s*130 W72 H/s160 W26.5 H/s160 W  3 MH/s180 W24.9 MH/s160 W24 Mh/s180 W
RTX3060Ti59 Mh/s130 W 33 H/s170 W5,7 H/s170 W0,54 H/s170 W4.3 Mh/s210 W26 MH/s170 W30.6 MH/s200 W
RTX307059 MH/s135 W107 H/s210 W31 H/s180 W6,9 H/s180 W0,64 H/s180 W4.5 Mh/s210 W 31,7 Mh/s180 W
RTX3080100 Mh/s240 W  9,8 Mh/s320 W1 H/s320 W  47 Mh/s270 W
RTX3090110 Mh/s350 W 56 Mh/s330 W9,8 Mh/s340 W1,2 H/s325 W7,4 Mh/s320 W52 Mh/s370 W52 Mh/s370 W

*Mining speed limited by Nvidia drivers

Attention! Some Nvidia GPUs will have a drop in hash rate during Ethereum mining throughout 2021. It applies to GTX 1060/1070/1070Ti/1080/1080Ti cards. The drop in mining speed is associated with low GPU power and an increase in the size of the DAG file.

Available software for mining on Nvidia video cards

Crypto mining through “green” video cards is available on the following programs:

  • for Ethash: Claymore`s Dual mining, Ethermine, Pheonix miner, Bminer;
  • for CryptonightR: CryptoDredge, XMRIG-Nvidia, XMR Stack;
  • for Zhash: Bminer, Gminer, lolminer, miniZ, Funakoshi miner;
  • for Beam: Bminer, Gminer, lolminer;
  • for GRIN: acegrinminer, bminer, gminer, nbminer, gringoldminer;
  • for ProgPOW: Progpowminer Nvidia, ethminer;
  • for KawPow: NBminer, Gminer, kawpowminer.


Let’s sum it up. Despite the drop in the hash rate for Ethereum mining, miners have many opportunities to get crypto coins. After all, new algorithms constantly appear that allow you to mine crypto even on relatively low-power graphic cards. It remains only to decide on the choice of an asset and start mining.

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