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  • The European Central Bank Has Allocated $135 Billion to Stimulate The Economy
The Economy Stimulation: $135 Billion From The European Bank - Binaryx

The European Central Bank Has Allocated $135 Billion to Stimulate The Economy

Due to the difficult situation on the world market, key financial institutions are taking measures aimed at stabilizing the economy. The European Central Bank (ECB) initiated the allocation of 135 billion USD or 120 billion Euros for the purchase of assets. This decision should provide incentives for savings, help enterprises cope with the negative consequences of the current financial crisis.

The ECB has refused to reduce interest rates

This initiative has become an alternative to lower interest rates, which was carried out earlier by the central banks of the United States and England. Financial analysts predicted that the ECB will also soon cut interest rates, but in Europe, they decided to take other measures.

The ECB initiative was commented by financial expert Holger Schmiding:

“The ECB has taken a different path. Instead of lowering deposit rates, the central bank intends to buy more private assets, bonds and intends to invest large capital to stabilize the financial market.”

If we compare the financial assets of the ECB with Bitcoin, we can see a big gap between them. After the depreciation of Bitcoin, its market capitalization is 110 billion dollars. Thus, the ECB allocated capital to stimulate the financial market, which is estimated at 25 billion more than the entire amount that is embedded in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is in a precarious position

In the context of the spread of coronavirus, the key players in the global financial market have revised their policies and taken measures to stabilize the domestic economy. One solution was to reduce interest rates from central banks and other financial institutions.

In particular, the US Federal Reserve allocated 165 billion dollars to normalize the current situation. Experts note that if Bitcoin became a haven asset, its market capitalization would be several times greater than the investments of the EBC. But these forecasts of analysts were not confirmed, Bitcoin remains in a very precarious position. Over the past day, the price of BTC has decreased by almost 20%.

Now Bitcoin is facing a difficult task. The most popular digital asset must stabilize to regain investor confidence and become a full-fledged asset-refuge.