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  • The Founder Of Skype And The Chairman Of Intercom Keep Their Savings in Bitcoin And Ethereum
The Founder Of Skype And The Chairman Of Intercom Keep Their Savings in Bitcoin And Ethereum + trader's opinion - Binaryx

The Founder Of Skype And The Chairman Of Intercom Keep Their Savings in Bitcoin And Ethereum

The “game” becomes even more interesting: this time the founder of Skype revealed his cards, publicly admitting about his savings in cryptocurrency. The сhairman of Intercom also jumped into the Bitcoin wagon. Will this affect Skype and Intercom corporate policies?

The founder of Skype took a seat on the “crypto train”

Jaan Tallinn, the founder of Skype, told Fortune that he keeps most of his savings in cryptocurrency. This statement was another confirmation of the growth of confidence in the crypto market on the part of world-famous personalities.

Tallinn admitted that in early 2020 he made several large donations in cryptocurrency. He sent $300,000 in BTC to develop a project to an artificial intelligence system to combat terrorism on social media. Also, 2 years ago Tallinn donated about $400,000 in Ethereum for the same purpose.

According to Tallinn, cryptocurrency is a more profitable instrument not only in the context of accumulation and saving of funds. It is more profitable to invest in new projects using Bitcoin or Ethereum since large accounts in cryptocurrency are not subject to taxation. When it comes to additional costs in favor of an intermediary, Tallinn’s decision in favor of the crypto is quite logical. 

The head of Intercom also jumped into the Bitcoin wagon

Tallinn isn’t the only one betting on Bitcoin. After studying cryptocurrency for a long time, the co-founder and сhairman of Intercom, Johann McCabe, also jumped on the Bitcoin-train. On Twitter, he wrote that he joined the crypto market and will now actively popularize Bitcoin throughout the world.

Mr. McCabe noted that Bitcoin is really becoming mainstream, and it is an impermissible luxury to miss this chance. A clear confirmation of this trend is the increase in the number of companies and banks that are switching to cryptocurrency. When asked if Intercom would invest in Bitcoin and support projects related to the crypto industry, McCabe responded very discreetly. He is convinced that it will take time for a company to incorporate cryptocurrency into its corporate policies and business strategy.

The appearance in the crypto space of the leaders of top global companies is good news. Now it remains only to wait how the crypto market will react to this.

The crypto market is showing good dynamics; most of the assets are currently in an upward trend. Bitcoin and Ethereum remain extremely attractive assets for storing and saving funds. ETH price for today is 480 USD; the nearest targets are 500-550 USD. BTC has increased by 1000 USD over the past few days and continues to grow. The price of 20,000 USD no longer seems so unattainable.