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The Mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto: The Study Of Why The First Cryptocurrency Creator Remains Unknown - Binaryx

The Mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto: The Study Of Why The First Cryptocurrency Creator Remains Unknown

For more than 10 years, the secret of Satoshi Nakamoto’s personality has not been revealed. Despite numerous attempts to get closer to the solution, dozens of individuals who are credited with creating a digital currency, crypto enthusiasts are still at a standstill. The crypto community still does not have significant evidence of who Satoshi is.

Nakamoto must remain “in the shadow” of society

A lot of questions revolve around the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, for example, how did he come up with the idea of ​​creating a cryptocurrency? Has he worked on the creation of cryptocurrency or is it the work of the whole team? Where does he live and has he not died? Many questions gave rise to even more speculation, and Satoshi was masterfully able to confuse the cards with his followers.

Recently, many cryptanalysts have decided to abandon the search for an answer to the question of who Satoshi is. They believe that the identity of the creator of Bitcoin should remain unknown and there are several weighty arguments in favor of this. In particular, Adam Beck, a computer genius and one of those credited with “Bitcoin paternity,” noted:

“Human psychology is so arranged that if we are interested in a product, we want to learn more about its creator, to get answers to questions that interest us. Now imagine if we knew the name of the creator of digital gold. It is possible that Bitcoin would not have such a stir and its market capitalization would not grow so fast. Everyone loves secrets.”

Emmanuel Goh, CEO of Skew on this issue are more categorical. He believes that the disclosure of the name Satoshi Nakamoto can adversely affect the reputation of the cryptocurrency and cast doubt on the concept of decentralization of crypto assets. He noted:

“If the public knows who Satoshi is, it will be practically impossible to prove the absence of his influence on the cryptocurrency market. Then the idea of ​​decentralization of cryptocurrency will burst at the seams. ”

Nothing bad will happen

Other crypto enthusiasts are more liberal and believe that revealing the identity of Nakamoto will not have negative consequences for the cryptocurrency market. In particular, Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, said:

“The story of Satoshi excites the minds of many crypto enthusiasts. It is interesting and exciting and has the right to remain a mystery of the 21st century. But I would like to know who Satoshi Nakamoto is. ”

One of the most famous traders of Tone Vays believes that Bitcoin will not threaten anything if Satoshi’s identity is revealed. He noted:

“After Satoshi removes the mask of suspense, large investors will want to cooperate with him, and they may have a conversation about buying Bitcoin directly. On the contrary, it can improve the market position of the flagship cryptocurrency. ”

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