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The New Study: Can Bitcoin Price Will Skyrocket To $400,000 Mark? - Binaryx

The New Study: Can Bitcoin Price Will Skyrocket To $400,000 Mark?

Many crypto enthusiasts have repeatedly predicted a rise in Bitcoin prices to $100,000 and higher. But the investor Max Keiser went the furthest in his convictions, believing that in the coming year Bitcoin would be trading at $400,000. Does he have arguments to support this forecast, or is it blind faith in the idea that our future lies with the cryptocurrency?

The fall of the dollar will push the price of Bitcoin to $400,000

Leading investor Max Keiser said that in just a few years, Bitcoin will be trading at $400,000. He believes that favorable conditions have already been creating for such a price leap, in particular, the policy of stimulating the economy by the US government sets the tone for the future rally. The Fed thus tried to minimize the damage that citizens suffered due to the spread of the pandemic, including job loss, a slowdown in economic growth, and border blocking. 

As a result, each US citizen received financial assistance for $1,200. This policy by the Fed has caused a wave of skepticism and criticism. An ardent opponent of the stimulus package was Elon Musk, who immediately stated that this policy would lead to negative consequences.

Max Keiser is confident that these US measures will become a driver for the growth of the popularization of digital currencies. In his opinion, the impetus for the Bitcoin price rally will be the collapse of the dollar due to inflation, which will be a natural continuation of the policy of artificially stimulating the economy.

“Since 2011, I was sure that Bitcoin will reach a record of $100,000. But, given the current macroeconomic situation, I am convinced that the price of Bitcoin will rise to $400,000. It will happen immediately after the “death” of the dollar. ”

But most financial experts are in no hurry to support Max Keiser’s high-profile statements. They have a weighty counterargument – the US government is not interested in the fall of the dollar and will under any circumstances maintain the exchange rate. It is because the dollar is not exclusively a national currency, but has the status of an international asset and affects the economy of many countries.

Bitcoin will “fight” for world domination

Max Keiser is confident that Bitcoin will soon become one level with traditional assets, in particular with gold and the US dollar. The investor is convinced that for this, the crypto asset has enough technical strength and influence against the background of the digitalization of the global economy. He noted:

“Previously, Bitcoins from the first place tried to move altcoins, but this plan failed. Now, Bitcoin may well compete against gold and the US dollar for influence in the global financial market. ”

Thus, only time will tell whether Max Keiser was right or whether these are only high-profile statements that do not have a solid foundation.