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The Primary Reasons Why Bitcoin Hits $8,300 and Continues to Grow - Binaryx

The Primary Reasons Why Bitcoin Hits $8,300 and Continues to Grow

What Were the Catalysts that Shot Bitcoin Price 15% Higher?

Since the last days of December, Bitcoin is showing many signs of another massive bull run. Many traders and experts believe that the main digital currency of the world is ready to hit new high-levels. Now, after investors have seen the confirmation of that move, the crypto community expects to see even better numbers in terms of the BTC price.

Moreover, the leading experts of the market research industry confirm that the recent BTC price surge is not a coincidence, as it has many factors to support such a grow in comparison to December performance. For the first time, the BTC price was affected by political events. 

For instance, the recent statements by Iran and the U.S. after the assassination of Sulejmani was one of the factors why the price demonstrated such a jump. 

The cryptocurrency market wasn’t the one affected by such news. According to a recent analysis by traders, other markets and stocks witnessed a series of changes upon the General attack.

Besides, the experts also pointed out that the recent January run is not a mystery. By that, they mean the investors come back after holidays, which are aimed to restore or double their capital by using market bull runs.

Can Bitcoin Hit the $10,000 in January?

Currently, the crypto community members continue to discuss the further updates of the BTC price. Mainly, they are looking to confirm another sign of the bull run continuation. For some experts, it is evident that the bullish trend is not over, and it is possible to see the new price’s performance until the end of January.

As we reported previously on Binaryx, the price may hit the $14,000 level very soon. The first guy to mention such a signal was Charles Edwards, who is a known supporter of the indicator. Moreover, he was one of those to say the miner capitulation as one of the possible ways for the market to change the movement.

The following weeks in January will be interesting to follow, as crypto market members, including traders and investors, will try to harvest their profits.