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The Reasons Why Dash Price Was Boosted by 20% - Binaryx

The Reasons Why Dash Price Was Boosted by 20%

What is the DASH? It is the privacy coin that partners can toggle and make transactions confidential. During the last day, it became one of the best performing digital assets and gained 20% to its value. Since the beginning of the year, the coin has a stable uptrend. In the last 24 hours, over 7.6 million DASH coins have changed hands. It indicates that investor reliance is high, and as a result, such demand can thrust this crypto to new progress.

Interesting fact: DASH and connection with Venezuela

Every coin has some personal factors for its pumping. DASH is not an exception and found its benefits in Venezuela. The economy of the country is suffering, and the sovereign currency lost value due to hyperinflation. According to information, more than 2,800 kinds of enterprises admitted DASH in Venezuela last year. “The coin is so firm in the position that even overtook Bitcoin in the country,” noticed CEO of the project.

Actually, information that DASH and five other coins, including Bitcoin, will be admitted by Burger King as part of their pilot project that will start in Sambil Caracas could be connected to DASH revival. Burger King will accept DASH in all its outlets due to the help of the collaboration with Cryptobuyer, a Point of Sale platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Latin America.

Cryptobuyer CEO Jorge Farias also declared:

“The progress of Cryptobuyer in Venezuela is one more example of how this country is one step ahead in adopting cryptocurrency as a real opportunity of payment. Venezuela has plenty of situations that make it a perfect place to apply real-world crypto decisions, such as cash shortages, hyperinflation, ruined banking infrastructure.”

Direct speech from Ryan Taylor, Dash Core Group CEO:

“Dash applying continues increasing at a rapid rate in Venezuela. It is a choice that is the more dependable payment method and store of worth in comparison with its sovereign currency. We are glad to cooperate with Cryptobuyer to keep growing the Dash system and service Burger King and their clients.”

Bitcoin – Altcoins correlation 

The shifting sentiment around crypto can be one more trigger. It should be mentioned that while Bitcoin fluctuates, altcoins are taking the example. Aggressive traders choose altcoins because of its high volatility – timely entries could yield high returns. Such a case that is clear now: BTC adds 5%, DASH is up 20% within the same period. Moreover, DASH has overcome the 20-week Moving Average for the first time in 7 months buoyed by growing trading volumes.