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The Truth: Everyone Are Talking About The Transaction Worth 50 Bitcoin - Binaryx

The Truth: Everyone Are Talking About The Transaction Worth 50 Bitcoin

The crypto community has stirred up the news about the transfer of 50 Bitcoins from one of the alleged accounts of the “cryptocurrency father” Satoshi Nakamoto. The media leaked information that this was the work of the odious crypto businessman, computer genius Craig Wright.

Earlier, Wright has repeatedly stated that he is directly connected with the cryptocurrency development team. He is included in the list of possible Bitcoin founders who are hiding behind the name of Satoshi. But while the question remains open whether this is true or is this another hoax.

On May 20, a transfer of 50 BTC was made from an address that was created in 2009 before the massive launch of the Bitcoin network. These coins “dusted” on the indicated account for more than 10 years and only now, after the third halving, Bitcoins were discovered as a result of the transaction.

At the current exchange rate, 50 BTC are equal to the amount of $486,000. To protect Wright’s interests, billionaire Calvin Ayre has become. He reported:

Who lies and where to look for the truth?

In this situation, there are many dark spots and inconsistencies in the testimony that Wright previously gave to the court. This is primarily because the address from which the transaction was committed, Wright indicated as his property. Now, he denies any involvement in the transfer of 50 Bitcoins from this address. So who made the transaction?

It seems that Wright is in a legal trap. In connection with the data revealed, the court questioned the evidence that had been given to them earlier. Thus, Wright’s authority is now over the abyss.

What will happen next?

After the news appeared, many crypto enthusiasts began to talk about Satoshi returning to the big game again. The news about the transaction of 50 Bitcoins is considered as one of the reasons for the sharp daily rollback of the Bitcoin price from $9,700 to $9,400.

Selling “sleeping Bitcoins” can make a huge buzz inside the crypto community and affect the price of the flagship cryptocurrency. Wright once said that after the Bitcoin halving, he will begin a big sale of Bitcoin, which will lead to a sharp decrease in its price. But Wright’s refusal to participate in this address calmed the storm of indignation and panic inside the crypto community a little.

But there is another point of view on this situation: some cryptanalysts are sure that this address does not belong to either Satoshi or Wright. In particular, Adam Beck is convinced that if the father of Bitcoin made a major transaction it would have been done from a more classified account.