December 17, 2019

The use of new blockchain technologies in the US healthcare system

US Healthcare System to Use New Blockchain Technologies

Today, blockchain technologies are developing and finding applications in an increasing number of industries around the world. So, we can already about the use of blockchain in insurance, namely the protection of medical data. Such a project was presented by Anthem, the global American health insurance company. They plan to introduce new technologies.

On December 12, Forbes published an article stating that Anthem plans to use blockchain technology to provide patients with secure access and protection of medical data to 40 million participants over the next three years.

It should be noted that the company has already launched a pilot version of the application, which is now available for small focus groups. The essence of the app is to allow various health care providers to access patient medical data for a limited time. To upload their data to the application, the user can use the QR code.

The release of the new project is planned to be carried out in several stages. By the way, Anthem plans to start already in 2020.

It is essential to mention the fact that in early 2019 Anthem partnered with health insurance giant Aetna, PNC Bank, and IBM. Such a collaboration was created in order to create a blockchain network explicitly focused on the healthcare industry with all the needs unique to this case. The introduction of new blockchain technologies into the existing healthcare system will help to eliminate some of the system’s shortcomings, as well as ease the problem of administrative expenses.

Hospitals, medical insurers, and other industry professionals continue to explore blockchain technology and the benefits it provides for sharing, protecting, and optimizing sensitive health-related data.


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