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Trams With Bitcoin Advertising Run In Hong-Kong - Binaryx

Trams With Bitcoin Advertising Run In Hong-Kong

Just imagine you are standing at one of the stops in Hong-Kong and see a tram passing by with a Bitcoin ad. Satoshi could not have dreamed about it 10 years ago, but now it has become a reality thanks to the active promo campaign of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin went mainstream in Hong-Kong

The popularization of Bitcoin is increasingly going beyond online, and seeing cryptocurrency on the covers of financial and analytical magazines is no longer something special. In Hong-Kong, they went even further: the local crypto community initiated the dissemination of information about Bitcoin through a wide advertising campaign.

Crypto enthusiasts decided to place the Bitcoin logo and motivating advertising messages in the most crowded places. This initiative has already created a huge sensation, as photos from Hong Kong with Bitcoin ads are already actively circulating on the network. 

On September 11, three double-decker trams launched with advertising messages and slogans about Bitcoin. Transport will run until October 8 on different routes, thereby increasing the coverage of informing the local population and tourists. The promo campaign also includes the installation of 20 billboards with messages about the benefits of cryptocurrency.

Of course, crypto enthusiasts in their advertising campaign could not ignore the US dollar and US monetary policy during the active phase of the pandemic. Speculation on this topic can play in favor of the cryptocurrency, so it is quite expected that activists will go all-in and expose the weaknesses of the traditional financial system. A prominent example is a billboard installed in Hong-Kong with the words:

In 2020, the United States printed such a large amount of helicopter money that it could only dream of in 2009. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has a limited emission and cannot cross the 21 million thresholds.

Bitcoin and digitalization of the global economy

The slogan “Be your own bank” which appeared on one of Hong-Kong’s public buildings, deliberately calls for rethinking your own financial culture in favor of decentralized assets. Crypto enthusiasts are convinced that with the help of an advertising campaign, they will be able to raise the issue of the growing importance of cryptocurrency for the global financial market.

Our advertising campaign aims to show the world that the rapidly growing digitalization of the economy and Bitcoin are closely related. We are ready to discuss the prospects and opportunities for a breakthrough in the global financial market thanks to the large-scale implementation of cryptocurrency.

Advertising on TV, articles in top analytical magazines, motivating slogans on trams in Hong-Kong – this is a promising start for the mass popularization of Bitcoin. Do not be surprised if tomorrow you see a billboard with the image of Bitcoin in your city because cryptocurrency is now with us for a long time.