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Treasures Of Satoshi Nakamoto: How Many Bitcoins Does The Crypto Dad Own? - Binaryx

“Treasures” Of Satoshi Nakamoto: How Many Bitcoins Does The Crypto Dad Own?

The question of who is hiding behind the name of the creator of the cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto remains under seven locks. But even more crypto enthusiasts are puzzling over how many bitcoins Nakamoto has managed to mine since 2009. Let’s try to open the curtain to this mystery.

Satoshi owns more than 1 million BTC

The father of cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto marked the beginning of a big race for Bitcoin mining. Few would have previously thought that large-scale farms would be created for Bitcoin mining, and dollar billionaires and investors would follow the change in the price of Bitcoin. Nakamoto understood that you need to rationally use the time until cryptocurrency only enters the world market.

At the time of the launch of Bitcoin, its price was minimal and did not exceed $1, while today Bitcoin is trading at $ 9,000 and higher. Those people who were at the forefront of digital currency are in the most advantageous position now.

Satoshi Nakamoto is considered a true Bitcoin tycoon. According to recent studies, Satoshi produced more than 1 million BTC from January to July 2009. Given the current rate of Bitcoin, this amount estimated at $10 billion. Experts convinced that the father of the cryptocurrency could get even more Bitcoin in 2009 since then there was no competition, and the hash rate was lightning fast compared to 2020.

Satoshi abandoned this idea because he wanted to allow other enthusiasts to get cryptocurrency and get rewards for generating new blocks. It was a winning strategy by which a wave of interest in a new digital asset grew “at the speed of light.”

Everything secret becomes clear

The curtain on the question of the Bitcoin treasure of Satoshi Nakamoto opened by crypto analyst Sergio Demian Lerner. He analyzed the generated blocks that mined from the moment of receiving the first Bitcoin until January 25, 2010. Lerner traced their path from creation to charging to a crypto address that belongs to one person. He concluded that more than 1 billion Bitcoins mined from one mining equipment. This observation became the main argument in favor of the fact that these Bitcoins belong to Satoshi.

More recently, the crypto community was excited by the news that Satoshi came out of the shadows and made a transaction worth more than 50 BTC. It is noteworthy that the transfer made from a crypto address, which launched in 2009. But later it turned out that Satoshi was not related to this operation. This transaction made from a crypto address, which does not belong to Satoshi. It was likely the work of one of the early followers of cryptocurrency.

In any case, one should not deny the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto is the most wealthy owner of Bitcoin. While he is hiding from the whole world, we can only assume what the main crypto-genius of the 21st century conceived.