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TRON “Breathes In The Back” Ethereum In Terms Of USDT Issue - Binaryx

TRON “Breathes In The Back” Ethereum In Terms Of USDT Issue

The uncertain economic situation in the world is forcing many crypto enthusiasts and investors to redistribute their assets. The upcoming Bitcoin halving, which for the first time in its history will occur in unique market conditions, warms the degree of tension. The news that the price of the flagship cryptocurrency fell from $9,600 to $8,100 in a few minutes turned the attention of many crypto traders towards stable coins.

Coins that are supported by the currency often act as a life buoy in times of uncertainty in the financial market. One of the strong players is the stable Teter coin (USDT), which has a market capitalization of $6.355 billion.

TRON Now Ranks Second After Ethereum (ETH) in the Issuance of USDT 11

Tron takes second place in USDT issue

The decentralized blockchain platform Tron is increasing its capacity, its user base is growing daily. According to Tron Director Justin Sun, a total of more than $1.6 billion (USDT) was released on Tron.

There is a lot of competition between different blockchain platforms, it is especially worth noting the growing confrontation between Tron and Ethereum. Now Tron is even closer to the first place in the ranking of the most used blockchain platforms.

Tron managed to overtake Omni network in the number of issued USDT and today is in second place after Ethereum. At the time of writing, Tron has issued $1,603,395,020.12. Ethereum continues to be an unprecedented leader: it issued $5,737,970,410.92.

Tether Limited is gaining ground in the cryptocurrency market

Tether Limited company has significantly strengthened its position in recent months. Over the past 2 months, she was able to increase assets by 38% from $6.22 billion to $8.59 billion. Thus, for a stable Tether coin, favorable conditions are now forming for reaching new price peaks.