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What caused the fall of bitcoin – Four potential factors

As reported by investment analysts, the decline in BTC is determined by geopolitical and financial factors.

Сan also be noted the entry by Gabor Gurbach (chairman of VanEck, which is large holding), who, on November 25, indicated possible reasons for what exactly could lead to a decrease in the price of bitcoin, namely, which reached its record low level of $ 6,500.

According to his conclusion, such factors have something in common with the general state of the price factor for bitcoin, namely the price factor which stabilized by 11%, and the mark of $ 7200 according to the press.

China’s pressure on the cryptocurrency market

If also take into account the opinion of one of the leading leaders in the cryptocurrency sphere, namely Gurbach, he supports the opinion of most other investment managers that, after all, China exerted considerable pressure on the bitcoin market in every way suppressing the exchanges that affect their mentality.

As a result, with the hope of redeeming shares at lower and acceptable prices, the owners felt the risk and decided to leave the cryptocurrency market

This is precisely what Gabor noted in his final post, “I think that investors are worried about the news of Chinese overclocking and, therefore, some of the following are aware of their entry point and lower prices.”

Taxation report of price differences in markets (arbitrage)

Bitcoin’s tax liability theory is also gaining popularity, as previously reported.

To fix the minimum level of bitcoin, or even a critical growth of assets for 2019, American investors are trying to reduce the market

“Year-end tax-loss arbitrage,” as Gurbach mentioned earlier, successfully described, remains unexplored the fact how much membership may be required in order to restore the original crypto environment of last week.

Bitcoin mobility is declining

Also, taking into account the words of Gurbach again, he cited relevant data from Skew Markets, which indicated that mobility on trading floors is gradually shrinking.

“Bid-offer spreads widest in the past three months. Be careful out there. The market can snap fast in any direction. Ease into positions. Avoid large / any market orders,” that was the advice from Gurbach.

Based on his words, we can also conclude that the value of many companies, transactions, various products are acquired through cryptocurrency, as their value decreases or increases with it.

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