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What Happens if Ripple's ODL Service Uses Stablecoins? - Binaryx

What Happens if Ripple’s ODL Service Uses Stablecoins?

The news that Ripple is collaborating with several banks has stirred up the cryptocurrency community. The skepticism was caused by the information that some large banks use the Ripple On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution to simplify money transfers. Some experts believe that USDT or stablecoin needs to be strengthened since in many respects it is inferior to the position of XRP, which is one of the three giants of the cryptocurrency market.

Leading rating agency Weiss Crypto Ratings gave the following assessment of this situation:

“Comparing both cryptocurrencies, USDT is more liquid than XRP. There are many other options on the market right now that are more suitable for fiat transactions than XRP. ”

This statement is not new, for a long time such sentiments reigned in the cryptocurrency community. Some experts previously drew a parallel between ODL and XRP. In particular, this topic is being actively raised by the well-known representative of the XRP community – @galgitron. He believes that stablecoins have many positive aspects and for XRP it is a winning solution.

Also, the user @galgitron in one of his posts on Twitter commented on the desire of many that XRP focus on internal payments. In his opinion, this is impossible. Also, He also believes that the key mission for the ODL service is to expand the capabilities of the cryptocurrency market participants for financial transactions. 

The creation of stablecoins caused a mixed reaction within the cryptocurrency community. They fully understand that this solution can help solve the problem of “X-border payments“. Galgitron gave his assessment of stablecoins. In particular, he focused on the fact that they do not solve the problem, do not contribute to liquidity and create new cryptocurrency pairs.

A paradoxical situation: the existence of stablecoins provides an opportunity for country A to abandon the need to keep assets in the bank of country B. As a result, country A can independently hold foreign funds. Choosing between digital money and US dollars, users prefer fiat money. The previously mentioned user @Galgitron believes that XRP will not be able to reach the level with the US dollar in demand since this market has already been formed and is stable.

It is worth noting that stablecoins is not a required currency. Again, the question arises of the need to use an intermediate currency for cross-border payments.

It is worth noting that stablecoins is not a required currency. Again, the question arises of the need to use an intermediate currency for cross-border payments. Considering this situation, Galgitron commented on the impact of the American dollar on the global financial system:

“The use of the US dollar as a global reserve currency has its own“ sharp corners ”that are associated with the so-called Triffin dilemma. If the dominance of the dollar is somehow leveled or weakened, each country will face the need to create an independent intermediate currency to conduct financial transactions with other countries. It is unlikely that any of the countries will continue to collaborate with the US dollar. ”

Galgitron does not exclude the possibility that in the future the ODL service can use stablecoins for financial transactions. Thus, stablecoins can push XRP positions. In turn, Ripple technical director David Schwartz notes that XRP can expand its functions based on the strengths of stablecoins. Galgitron also added:

“Stablecoins are a good solution for demand and XRP pricing”

Thus, according to Galgitron, the use of stable coins can open up great opportunities for the ODL service. He hopes that when he receives stable coins, financial institutions will do everything possible to ensure that they have a stable market position.

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