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What Is The Secret To Tezos Success: An Overview Of The Blockchain Platform

Tezos broke into the crypto market and immediately acquired a good group of followers thanks to the management system that distinguishes this blockchain platform from Ethereum and Bitcoin. What is so special about Tezos that attracts large banks?

Tezos control system

In Tezos, you will not find the mining infrastructure familiar to many, as it uses the consensus model. Blockchain platform users can directly influence the management of the new block generation. To do this, the user needs to propose to improve the work for consideration by other participants in the blockchain platform. If the offer receives a positive response, Tezos will implement it. Thus, all parties to the blockchain can influence the productivity of the network.

This mechanism of the so-called “self-governing blockchain” has positive reviews among developers of other blockchain platforms. This way of internal organization allows the blockchain to evolve and improve depending on the challenges facing Tezos users.

Another advantage of Tezos is the ability to monitor the update of the Tezos blockchain protocol in real-time. These options are not available on the Bitcoin network, so Tezos looks even more attractive for large financial public and private institutions. In particular, in recent years there has been a surge in interest in Tezos among large banks in France.

Who is friendly to Tezos? 

The Tezos blockchain platform is already being used by Silicon Valley Coin, BTG Pactual, tZERO, and Alliance Investments. In total, these institutions placed on Tezos more than 2.5 billion US dollars.

This surge of interest in the blockchain platform raises the logical question of whether Tezos will generate its altcoin inside the network. If this happens, the Tezos altcoin will likely become a strong competitor for altcoins that are already operating in the crypto market.