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Who Is Hiding Under The Name Of Satoshi: Exposing The “Crypto-Dad” - Binaryx

Who Is Hiding Under The Name Of Satoshi: Exposing The “Crypto-Dad”

For more than 10 years, the name of the creator of the cryptocurrency remains a mystery. This unknown has generated a lot of speculation and the so-called false inventors of bitcoins. Who is really a crypto dad?

Wei Dai may be a Satoshi? Assumptions and Facts

There are suggestions that behind the name of Nakamoto Satoshi, one person or a whole group of creators may be hiding. Many researchers on this topic are of the opinion that the role of Satoshi could be performed by computer engineer Wei Dai. He is a well-known developer in narrow circles, but always remained in the shadows.

Wei Dai is the creator of the Crypto++ library of cryptographic algorithms (written in C ++), as well as the b-money system. The computer genius in his works mentioned the monetary system, which bears great resemblance to cryptocurrency. Long before the release of Bitcoin, he described the specifics of functioning, the advantages of an anonymous infrastructure of electronic currency

The name Wei Dai is also mentioned in the official document of Satoshi. This is due to the development of the b-money system, from which the computer engineer was delighted. In his book, he noted that “the b-money system is not subject to government, nor is it anarchy in the traditional sense. This is where maximum security is maintained because users do not have real names and are not geographically defined. ”

The fact that Dai corresponded with Nakamoto is also proven. Emails were identified in 2008 and published on gwern.net.

Dai’s contacts with Satoshi

One of the main arguments about the connection between Dai and Satoshi is their electronic correspondence. In particular, it was proved that in 2008 they discussed the development of an independent electronic money infrastructure. The letters with this information became a sensation after being published in the Sunday Times article. The catch for journalists was Satoshi’s phrase addressed to Dai:

“I reviewed your project about creating a b-money system and was pleasantly surprised. I intend to publish a document that will complement and structure your ideas. ”

The fact that Wei Dai is actually Satoshi is also evidenced by the similarity of the entropy of the published texts. But in this case, it turns out that Satoshi played the “double agent” to mislead the whole world. Some analysts, on the contrary, referring to electronic correspondence between Wei Dai and Satoshi refute the idea that a computer engineer is actually the real creator of Bitcoin.

Today, the personality of Satoshi is shrouded in numerous secrets and conjectures. More than 10 people are credited with his name, among them – Gavin Andresen. Craig Wright, James Donald and Hal Finney.