March 29, 2020

Что такое криптовалюта и как на ней заработать?

Криптографические деньги, прародителем которых в 2009 году стал Биткоин (Bitcoin), для многих все еще остаются за рамками полного понимания. Действительно, это нематериальный актив, но его можно использовать для превращения в привычные фиатные средства, а также вполне реально рассчитываться за приобретение товаров и услуг. К тому же, инвестирование в криптомонеты может оказаться хорошим способом заработка при проведении трейдерских операций в онлайн-режиме. Сейчас рынок криптовалют расширяется и становится все более насыщен новыми предложениями и технологиями. Поэтому стоит более внимательно присмотреться к цифровому виду финансовых расчетных единиц. Итак, что такое криптовалюта и как на ней зарабатывать? Суть криптоденег или криптовалют иными словами Цифровая

March 28, 2020

Miners Boost Bitcoin Sales Despite Signs Of The Market Rally

Since the record drop recorded on March 11, Bitcoin has gradually stabilized and climbed out of the bottom. Until March 25, the price of Bitcoin rose from a critical low of $3,867 to $7,000. Now there is an unprecedented situation: miners during this time sold more coins than they created. This is visible thanks to moving inventory (MRI) data. This indicator was introduced specifically to monitor the volume of coin generation by miners. Although the price of Bitcoin has risen above $4,000, the situation in the cryptocurrency market has not improved. For 21 days, the index of moving inventory was

March 27, 2020

Cryptonalysts Predict Big Bitcoin Movement: When is Expected?

Amid the continued decline in financial markets due to the spread of Coronavirus, the Bitcoin exchange rate is unstable. This week, we have seen signs that Bitcoin is rising from the bottom and its price is moving forward. The current fall in Bitcoin volatility is causing a mixed reaction among analysts. The idea is spread among investors that the fluctuation of the Bitcoin volatility is not a good sign. The lull in Bitcoin movement now, may cause excessive movement in the near future. The leading cryptonalyst Anondran commented on this situation: “Now the lowest volatile BTC candle is 3.3%. Considering

March 26, 2020

GRAM Extradition Freeze: Telegram Appeals Court Decision

Telegram appealed the decision of the US federal court, according to which GRAM tokens are recognized as securities. In this situation, the release by Telegram of cryptocurrency now remains a big question. GRAM tokens qualify as securities Earlier, the Securities Commission (SEC) issued a conclusion that GRAM tokens can qualify as securities. The US Federal Court in considering the Telegram case took into account this statement. As a result, the preparation process for the issuance of GRAM was suspended. The telegram has already appealed to the court against the announced ban. It is important to note here that GRAM tokens

March 26, 2020

V.Buterin: It Is Necessary To Build A Decentralized Exchange Between Bitcoin And Ethereum

The co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin spoke about the need to establish a reliable and secure exchange system between Bitcoin and Ethereum. In his Twitter account, he focused on the following: Vitalik Buterin believes that now there is a need to create a decentralized exchange between cryptocurrencies. He notes that users should be able to exchange between Bitcoin and Ethereum and be confident in the safety of transactions. Vitalik Buterin also believes that this system should be based on a model similar to Uniswap, which allows for more efficient and transparent bidding. The advantage of Uniswap is the decentralization of

March 25, 2020

5 Largest Game Development Companies Become Forte Taps Partners

The gaming industry is actively using blockchain technology to develop new high-end solutions. The implementation of the blockchain in games solves many user problems, such as establishing full control over the game account, strengthening the protection of digital data and others. Many of the biggest gambling sharks are interested in collaborating with Forte Tabs, a company that specializes in creating blockchains and is a partner of Ripple. This company is interested in improving the product, both for gamers and developers. Which companies have become Forte’s new gaming partners? According to the latest data, Forte began cooperation with large game development

March 25, 2020

Bitcoin Blackline Behind: Chainalysis Economist Evaluation

Changes in the Bitcoin exchange rate in the current conditions are a completely natural state. Some analysts are convinced that the price of BTC can be predicted, while other experts recommend abandoning the construction of ephemeral forecasts. Let’s figure it out together. Is it possible to predict the market behavior of Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the undisputed leader among other cryptocurrencies. But his market behavior remains the subject of heated debate, forecasts, and even speculation. In particular, this was demonstrated in 2020: at the beginning of this year, the price of Bitcoin reached $10,300, now the rate is in the range

March 25, 2020

Cryptocurrency Mining: All You Need To Know About

The age of digitalization has changed every single aspect of our daily routines. We have unlimited access to countless things now thanks to technological advancements. A product of technology, the internet has granted many possibilities and opportunities to all of us. Everything is just one single click away. Thanks to the internet, we now have access to Blockchain. It was introduced a year ago as an innovative creation. This introduction completely revolutionized the business world. It is now being implemented in every field and industry of work. Whether you belong to a medical field or a business field, you have

March 24, 2020

Every Ninth Indonesian Owns Cryptocurrency: New Hootsuite Report

More recently, Hootsuite published a report according to which 11% of Indonesian citizens own cryptocurrency. We suggest considering this statement in more detail. Fiat money has been depreciated, cryptocurrency is increasing Indonesia may well claim the status of one of the countries with the highest level of popularity of cryptocurrency. This is evidenced by recent indicators. The country’s population is more than 270 million people, with every 9 Indonesians using digital assets. Behind the crypto adoption rate, the country is in 6th place in the world. The owners of a particular cryptocurrency are 17% of the population. The growing popularity

March 24, 2020

2020 Will Be The Heyday Of Bitcoin: BTC and ETH Trading Is Gaining Momentum

Against the background of the ongoing destabilization of the global financial market, Bitcoin headed for strengthening its position. This is convincingly indicated by the indicators: on Sunday, the trading volume of Bitcoin amounted to $ 40 billion, now these indicators have increased by 17% to $47 billion. We also see changes in the Bitcoin exchange rate: the BTC price increased by 5% per day and amounts to $6,274. The leaders of the crypto community focus on the fact that Bitcoin is becoming more independent. The digital currency is moving away from correlation with the traditional US stock market, where the

March 23, 2020

The Need In Privacy Decrease: BTC and Other Ecosystems

If before, cryptocurrency was considered something new and completely incomprehensible, now the attitude towards it has changed dramatically. More than 10 years have passed since cryptocurrency broke into the world market and became an active player in the big financial game. But many analysts see that over this long time, cryptocurrency was not able to create a reliable infrastructure that would allow it to fully become on a par with traditional financial assets. Chainalysis spokesman Jesse Spiro agrees with the prevailing sentiment in the crypto community regarding this issue. He is convinced that only the introduction of an effective system

March 23, 2020

India Is Open To Cryptocurrency: Tim Draper Is Considering Investing In Local Blockchain Startups

US investor Timothy (Tim) Draper is convinced that Bitcoin will emerge victorious from the financial crisis. If earlier he was skeptical about attracting cryptocurrency to the Indian market, now his mood has changed dramatically. The investor notes that “the best ideas win” and the introduction of Bitcoin in the economy is one of the best solutions. Draper optimistic about changes in the Indian market Previously, Timothy Draper was negatively inclined towards the idea of ​​expanding investment in the Indian market by attracting cryptocurrencies. In 2019, the question was raised about whether citizens from other countries can accept local citizenship only

March 20, 2020

Bitcoin Is Gradually Rising From The Bottom: An Overview Of The Latest Indicators

Analyzing the indicators of the past week, we can see some signs of Bitcoin stabilization. After the crushing collapse of traditional markets, the depreciation of digital currencies provoked by the spread of Coronavirus, bullish impulses gives hope for recovery. But now you should be as careful as possible: in the face of the fluctuation of the Bitcoin exchange rate, it is too early to talk about the complete revival of the most popular digital currency. The Bitcoin exchange rate has already returned to the level of $6,000 last week. Analysts have already recorded indicators that indicate the movement of Bitcoin

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