November 12, 2019

Dutch Police Arrested Komodore64’s CEO

Dutch police arrested the head of blockchain game development company Komodore64 which approximately gained $86 million from investors, news agency Sprout informed in November. 

Komodore64 — which founded in June intending to invent a game platform where transactions are done on blockchain — turned out to be a dishonest plan that cheated as employees as investors. The project with native cryptocurrency K64, which collected $86 million in investments, has announced about bankruptcy.

Using the name of a “well-known investment company.”

Komodore64’s head Sam N. engaged investors declaring that the firm had profited from a “well-known investment company” — American investment management company Goldman Sachs. Such cooperation was deceitful, and some people just pretended as an official delegation from the investment company. 

More fraud and furious crypto investors

Besides, Komodore64 curator John Dullaart was surprized that Max Theyse, who had previously been presented as the company’s co-founder, was never seen on that role. “I suppose that real co-founder is someone another,” Dullaart told Sprout.

The police took into custody N. at a hotel, where he had been staying because he felt the danger from furious cryptocurrency investors.

Cybercriminals as an additional headache for the Dutch police

This summer, Europol, in cooperation with the Dutch police, United Kingdom’s South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit, Eurojust, and the U.K.’s National Crime Agency, arrested six people who stole more than 27 million dollars in cryptocurrency.

Then Dutch police arrested former entrepreneur Barry van Mourik in May this year. He was suspected in fake Bitcoin mining operation out of 25 million dollars. Being the founder of a mining farm, van Mourik accumulated funds of clients and did not purchase any equipment instead was spending the money on luxury items.


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