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Exchange Bitcoin (BTC)

If you are wondering how to exchange Bitcoin to Binaryx, we will assume that you already have a registered account with a positive Bitcoin balance. The following data is provided based on this information. In case if you are Binaryx user and Bitcoin holder exchanging your assets will take less than a minute.


The exchange module is currently under maintenance. Refresh this page or come back in a few minutes later.

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How to exchange Bitcoin on Binaryx?

Log-in to your personal account.
Check your balance.

Go to the Wallet section to check your Bitcoin balance.
Use the Quick Exchange option. Quick Exchange option of your Wallet will calculate the exchange price after specifying the exchange amount.

Confirm the operation. Please note: We charge a 0.7% fee for completing your operation.
Successful exchange.


How do you exchange Bitcoins?
Bitcoin exchange using internal exchange accounts.
How to find out the Bitcoin exchange rate?
You can see the Bitcoin price chart with basic trading and analytical tools on the site.
Where is Bitcoin stored after exchange?
After the exchange, Bitcoin can be withdrawn, used for trading, sold or stored on the exchange wallet.

Popular questions on the exchange of BTC


Many services worldwide give users the opportunity to Buy Bitcoin, but we promise, it will never be so fast and simple deal as while using Binaryx. Binaryx offers traditional Buy/Sell, Fast-Exchange, and Trading operations, as well as its personal services. It also helps to convert BTC to or another cryptocurrency or fiat assets in record fast time! And, for sure, we guaranty the safety of your funds during the purchase operation.


If you are wondering how to sell Bitcoin to Binaryx, we will assume that you already have a registered account with a positive Bitcoin balance. The following data is provided based on this information. In case if you are Binaryx user and a Bitcoin holder selling your assets will take less than 5 minutes.

Exchange rate

Binaryx Exchange Module is known to be the fast way to exchange your funds. Exchange from Bitcoin to Fiat, and from Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies (or vice versa) is just lightning fast and takes only a few seconds. The exchange operation occurs at the current rate (the rate is being updated every second). And, after a successful operation, funds are immediately displayed in your personal account. Binaryx charges a 0.7% commission for processing your payment (exchange).


Storing cryptocurrency and fiat assets in Binaryx Wallet is totally free and safe. You do no longer need to have several wallets – hold your portfolio in a single place! For the convenience of users, the wallet is personalized. It displays the current position of your balance and the history of all completed transactions. Track all the movements of your assets. Binaryx Wallet has a built-in system for tracking your profits and your assets’ current prices. Also, your Bitcoin and Dollar equivalent amounts are always displayed in your personal wallet.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first ever created, and still the main cryptocurrency asset now. It is a decentralized digital (virtual) currency created by an unknown creator. The creator (or a team of creators) is an incognito user with the Satoshi Nakamoto nickname. His identity remains a mystery up to this day. Of course, there are gossips and speculations in the crypto world about the real personality of Satoshi, but they are not backed up by any facts. Such thoughts are only someone’s assumptions. It is believed that this was a deliberate step and that the creator of Bitcoin wanted to maintain complete anonymity. Satoshi presented the world with his concepts and developments for creating a new digital blockchain network. The secret genius wrote an open-access code and described the principles of the network of the future cryptocurrency No.1. It is an innovative payment network with its personal blockchain system, released as open-source software.

BTC (the Bitcoin’s ticker) – was the first “digital money” coin, which code was anonymously published in 2008. The right time for Bitcoin creation is January 2009. The start of the “Bitcoin career” is considered to be January 3, 2009, on this day the bitcoin network came into existence.

Endless Bitcoin emission is impossible! The maximum BTC supply is 21,000,000 BTC. It is a kind of guarantee against the uncontrolled issue of coins and, therefore, depreciation of an asset. Bitcoin’s model provokes a constant user demand for an asset. How? Bitcoin is known to be called “digital gold”, and it is not without any reason – all other cryptocurrencies (and fiat) prices and rates are usually measured in bitcoins (BTC equivalent).

The history of cryptocurrencies begins with the BTC creation. Bitcoin is served as a “layout” or “model” for creating other crypto assets, and, today, the variation of digital coins has exceeded over 1000.


Why invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin purchasing is a good investment idea. Due to the price of Bitcoins is very volatile there are several ways to earn:

  • Make trading operations to multiply your income;
  • Just hold your amount of Bitcoins on your Binaryx Wallet and wait for the price growth.

Some facts to note:

  • BTC (and cryptocurrencies) creation is the most innovative and fast-developing event during the whole industry of finances;
  • Bitcoin has the most significant market cap among all cryptos;
  • It is a decentralized asset (unlike fiat);
  • 2016 and 2017 were the peak for the BTC price – it reached 20,000 USD;
  • Bitcoin (or its parts) is owned by more than 100 million investors;
  • About 200 million Bitcoin wallets have already been created;
  • There are about 60 million active traders on the market;
  • Some part of Bitcoins are lost in Blockchain (in the wallets with lost access or transactions to non-existent addresses);
  • All Bitcoin transactions are irreversible (can’t be undone);
  • One identity (person) can have many addresses and wallets on different sources or devices;
  • Any BTC address can be used only once.

Exchange BTC for fiat and crypto on Binaryx

You can use free virtual wallets for storing and converting fiat and cryptocurrencies. Binaryx offers a secure virtual wallet for bitcoin storage as well as a convenient instant transaction converter. The exchange of BTC at Binaryx means:

All the assets are fully protected
It is possible to exchange bitcoin in a few clicks
The support team, which is just seconds away
Get quick and timely answers to all your questions at any time of the day

Exchange BTC and more

Binaryx is a multifunctional platform that allows you to store and manage cryptocurrencies from anywhere. Only a browser and Internet connection needed. Our team is working to ensure that each user can effortlessly use all the tools available at Binaryx.
At Binaryx you get the following advantages:

Instant cryptocurrency exchange
At Binaryx you can exchange not only bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies. The converter supports dozens of coins and more than a hundred pairs for conversion. High liquidity and reserves allow us to process exchange transactions within seconds and with a low commission.
Start Sending
Wallets for all cryptocurrencies
The account at Binaryx gives each user dozens of wallets without complex passwords and blockchain synchronization. Our wallets are the safest method for holding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Create a wallet
Robus trading tools
The Binaryx Exchange supports several dozen trading pairs. The interface and tools for transactions are engaging and easy to use even for a newcomer. Our trading terminal is the best place to get the first trading experience and understand how the cryptocurrency market works. Anyone can trade effectively at Binaryx.
Create Trading

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