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Placing orders in the terminal

Spot trading

What is spot trading

Spot trading is an activity in which you use assets that you have on your balance sheet and are available for making transactions.

Placing a limit order

A limit order is placed at the price that interests you. It’s called a pending order. To place an order:

  1. Select the “Limit” tab in the module for placing orders;
  2. Indicate the amount at which you want to purchase the asset (it may be less than the current one);
  3. Click on the “buy” or “sell” button.

Placing an order on the market

The market order is executed immediately at the market price. To place such an order:

  1. Select the “Market” tab in the module for placing orders;
  2. The order will be executed at the current price (it is impossible to set your price in this mode);
  3. Click on the “buy” or “sell” button.

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