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Trading terminal’s structure


Trading terminal overview

A trading terminal is a platform where you can buy and sell assets. It consists of 6 modules:

  1. Placing orders;
  2. Controlling balances and selecting trading pairs;
  3. Graph of changes in the value of an asset;
  4. Order book;
  5. The module of the general history of transactions;
  6. Client orders.

Order placement module

To place an order to buy or sell an asset:

  1. Choose an action – buy or sell an asset;
  2. In the asset selection block, indicate the pair you want to work with;
  3. Select the order type (Limit or Market);
  4. Specify the price at which you want to buy/sell the asset (only for a limit order);
  5. Indicate the amount of the currency that you wish to purchase;
  6. Click the “Buy” or “Sell” button.

Module for choosing trading pairs and reviewing balances

This module shows the balances on your account for specific assets. Also, using this module, you can select a trading pair for transactions.

Hover over the pair you’re interested in, and it will automatically appear in the order placement module. You can control the balances on your wallets and track the change in an asset’s price by switching between the “Markets” and “Balances” tabs.

Tradingview charts

This module allows you to track changes in the price range of an asset in the selected period.

  1. To display price changes, select the required asset in the trading pairs module;
  2. The window that opens will display the trading chart for the default period;
  3. To change the trading time interval, select one of the tabs above the chart (1h, 15m, 1m);

The horizontal scale (x) shows the time interval, the vertical scale (y) – the asset’s price.

Order book overview

This module allows you to track the volume traded on the exchange for the selected pair. By default, both the sell and buy volumes are displayed here. Sell orders are highlighted in red, buy orders in green.

  1. To select only sell orders, switch to the icon with red lines in the upper right part of the module;
  2. To view only buy orders, select the green icon in the upper right part of the module;
  3. To return to average mode, click on the icon with red and green lines.

Recent trades module on Binaryx

This module displays the history of all orders that have been executed. It specifies the price at which the deal passed, its volume, and the time of order execution.

Module for reviewing your orders

This module displays only your orders. They are divided into open and closed.

  1. To switch between order statuses, select one of the two tabs in this module (open or closed deals)
  2. The “open” tab shows at what price you want to buy/sell a certain amount of an asset, and when the order was placed;
  3. The “closed” tab contains the same information but on completed transactions.

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