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Working with a wallet


Quick wallet overview

Here you can check the status of digital coin and fiat currency wallets. You can also make a deposit, withdraw funds, or go to trade a *selected currency* / USDT currency pair.

How to use wallet search

To search for the required currency, enter its full name in English or a ticker (exchange name consisting of 3-4 letters) into the search bar. If an asset has been found, it will automatically be highlighted below the search bar. 

Transaction history

This section contains all the transactions that have occurred since the creation of an account on Binaryx. Transactions can be sorted by type (deposit/withdrawal or exchange/trade), status, assets, and time interval. 

To enter this section, you need to:

  1. Open the “Wallet” section on the panel at the top of the screen in your account;
  2. Find the “Operation history” item in the upper right corner of the screen.

Balance check

The balance is available in the “Wallets” section. You can find it in the “Total balance” column opposite the name of the asset.

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