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The most common question for users and traders is how do cryptocurrency trading platforms organize their liquidity and what guarantees the safety of their deposits? We have outlined all the necessary information about how we have done this at Binaryx.

What do we do for it?

The Binaryx team is working hard to provide users with the best trading experience, rates, safety and stability in terms of liquidity. How do we do this?


First of all, Binaryx has its own liquidity. We store enough cryptocurrency and fiat funds on our cold wallets and bank accounts to sort and supply trading and exchange experience.


Moreover, we partnered with stable liquidity providers and other exchanges to provide a seamless trading experience. As a result, Binaryx is able to provide relevant data and feed of order book.

Our engineering team is using the high-encrypted APIs to establish a server-side connection with our partners. We are also working on liquidity API so you can connect your preferred products and environment.

In terms of basic exchange, our team has released smart algorithms and balancers. As a result, we are able to provide you with the best exchange rates. The Binaryx exchange engine offers different methods to buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly.

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