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Start buying and selling digital currency to create your portfolio today and become a No. 1 cryptotrader on Binaryx. Our exchange has the necessary module to safely convert your cryptocurrency. The security and support of our users and traders have our most priority.

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Binaryx Marketplace™ provides the ability to search and cooperate with professional cryptocurrency traders for people who want to jump into this domain. As a result traders can offer and provide their trading services to monetize their skills and start earning more.

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Use cases

Dive into cryptocurrency trading through a partnership with professional traders or copy their profiles
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Start buying and selling cryptocurrency on Binaryx to provide users and customers with trading services
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For cryptoanalytics and partners
Analyze market data. Monitor profiles of the best and professional cryptocurrency traders. Start earning by means of our unique referral program by inviting users and traders
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Popular Questions

Binaryx is cooperating with other well-known cryptocurrency exchanges to support a scalable and solid cap for our users
Currently, Binaryx has opened offices in Estonia and Ukraine. In 2020 our team plans to get licenses in Singapore and UK
We are a team of entrepreneurs and startuppers that have over 10+ years of experience in building tech startups and fintech products
Status migration
Do you have a VIP status on other exchanges? Don’t worry! We offer a seamless transfer to our platform
Our engineers and cybersecurity specialists are investing thousands of hours in developing the most reliable crypto exchange platform
Have some questions regarding our plans? Feel free to reach out to our community and support team to learn more
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