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Protecting Your Funds is Our Top Priority

Securing of your account, funds and data is our main priority. Discover from the information below what our team does to ensure the security and reliability of the Binaryx platform.

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Use a Wide Range of Security Features

Users of Binaryx are able to use different options and features to protect their accounts and funds. They can control the settings to enable or disable specific features.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
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Device & IP Management
Withdrawal Whitelist
Anti-Phishing Protection

Low-level Protection

Our users are able to use different ways to restrict access to their accounts. They can configure and manage these restrictions on different levels, such as reading, trading and withdrawals.

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Permission-Based Access
IP Whitelist
Withdrawal Address Whitelist

Encrypted Ecosystem for Traders and Users

Discover the key features and tactics we use on Binaryx to create an encrypted ecosystem so your data and funds can be kept in a safe place.

Cloud Architecture Our cloud and microservices architecture provide fail-safe uptime. We host our servers in the world's best data centers. Moreover, our engineers and DevOps team use multiple datacenters in different regions to accelerate performance. Regular backups help us to protect and restore any data within a few seconds.
Data Center Certification Binaryx only hosts and works with data centers compliant with the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, PCI DSS Level 1, SOC 1 - 3.
Monitoring Our support and cybersecurity team monitors Binaryx's infrastructure on a regular basis. The system automatically tracks anomalies, threats and other abnormal activities.
Cold Wallets Binaryx uses cold wallets to store digital assets. This method provides high reliability and requires additional protocols to move cryptocurrencies. We use Multi-Signature Wallets to protect users' funds in terms of emergencies.
Bank Vaults Binaryx stores fiat money in different, and the most secure banks around the globe, using multiple accounts. The vaults of these banks fully meet all the strict requirements to ensure the safety of the funds.
Physical Safety To avoid physical risks, such as robberies, hurricanes, fires or other disasters, Binaryx uses cold storage facilities and vaults located in different regions, cities and countries.

Security Audits

Binaryx has extreme requirements in terms of company, team and security regulations.

Team and Employees All people who decide to join Binaryx go through several interviews and screening processes. First, our security dept checks criminal activity and background. Then, we have several rounds to help us identify the skill sets and qualifications of the future employee or partner. The final steps are a personal meeting and tests. Only after all these steps, does our c-level team decide if we can move forward with this candidate.
Audits 10Guards company is our partner that helps us in terms of cybersecurity and other areas. Together we have developed and organized multilevel access to servers, files and workstations. Moreover, our offices are fitted with all necessary security provisions and equipped with the latest safeguarding technologies.
Company Binaryx has several offices and representatives across the globe. The company is established in Estonia and follows the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Our technical and business teams allocated in Ukraine and the U.S.