All Operations in a Single Wallet

The Binaryx Wallet is a safe place for the trader’s portfolio: store your crypto & fiat funds to track profits and other activities.

Сreate a Wallet

Cryptocurrency portfolio

Use Binaryx Wallet to organize a highly encrypted cryptocurrency portfolio online. Operate all your cryptocurrencies in one single wallet.

Transactions history

Track all your transaction activities including statuses, dates, type of deposits, amounts and destination addresses. Download datailed .csv reports.

Various Deposit & Withdrawal methods

Discover the types of payments, deposits and withdrawals that Binaryx Wallet operates. Our team continues integrating various payment, transfer and withdrawal methods to provide a seamless experience for all our users and customers.

Credit & debit cards

Binaryx uses only trusted payment gateways to process all types of credit cards (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, etc.). Also, aggregation of many and different payment gateways allows avoidance of double currency conversion charges. As a result, our users can convert and avoidance of double currency conversion charges. As a result, our users can convert and avoidance of double currency conversion charges. As a result, our users can convert and withdraw fiat funds.

Make deposit

Wire transfer (SEPA)

Our intuitive and straightforward wire transfer flow fits both technical and non-technical users. The Binaryx team has done its best to create the best and most intuitive user experience. Use Binaryx Wallet and wire transfer feature to make deposits and payouts with a few simple clicks.


Beside credit & debit cards and wire transfers, Binaryx Wallet offers the ability to accept and send digital currencies. Traders can use unique addresses or QR codes to send and receive digital currencies.

Send cryptocurrencies

Supporting various fiat currencies

Binaryx works with more than ten popular payment gateways around the globe. As a result, we offer deposit, withdrawal and exchange in many different fiat currencies.


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Joint work with other well-known cryptocurrency exchanges helps us to support a scalable and solid cap for Binaryx users

Binaryx offices are situated in Estonia and Ukraine. The company is registered in Estonia and we plan to apply for more licenses shortly

We are a team of entrepreneurs and startuppers that have over 10+ years of experience in building tech startups and fintech products
Status migration

Do you have a VIP status with other exchanges? Don't worry! We offer a seamless transfer to our platform

Our engineers and cybersecurity specialist are investing thousands of hours in developing the most reliable crypto exchange platform

Wondering how things are going on? Discover our roadmap to understand where we are and which features are coming soon