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Run Your Own Cryptocurrency Trading Business with Binaryx

Binaryx offers white-label solutions that help to launch your own cryptocurrency trading business. Contact our sales representative today to get an offer.

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Ready to go products and solution

White-label solutions by Binaryx are suitable for any customers who want to launch their own cryptocurrency business.

Trading module Our team offers white-labeling of Binaryx's existing trading module, which contains all of the crucial features for both professional and non-professional users (i.e. spot & margin trading, futures etc.). Learn More
Basic exchange module We have designed a basic exchange module that allows converting fiat money into cryptocurrency with a few simple clicks. You have the ability to run a similar exchange module with your own brand identity design. Learn More

Liquidity ready!

The most common question for all exchanges is where to get liquidity and maintain it. Binaryx has its own liquidity, and also we aggregate numbers of different providers to provide a seamless experience to our users and white-label customers. Moreover, our system can indicate and avoid a squeeze situation, including PUMP/DUMP manipulations.

Administration panel & analytics

Besides consumer products, Binaryx offers solutions that allow you to analyze, manage and configure your trading and exchange business. With Binaryx, you will get automatic profit and loss statement reports (P&L), access to traffic analytic modules, user management, liquidity configuration module and many more.

Back-end turn key solution

An additional vital reason for choosing Binaryx as a white-label provider is the server-side turnkey solution. The system works through microservices cloud architecture that helps perform a fast loading process simultaneously whilst avoiding downtime. Our engineers will prepare and deploy your ready-to-go back-end solution in a short time.


Lots of cryptocurrency businesses are looking for the ability to provide API access to their users and customers. Binaryx API works through WebSocket/FIX/REST protocols that strictly adhere to all essential security guidelines. Start working with Binaryx today to run the API access for your trading business.

Ready to get started?

Feel free to reach out to ask to discuss any inquiries that you have. Our sales and technical teams are able to provide any detailed answers and solutions extremely quickly.

What you'll also get

Risk Management

The back-end and front-end solutions that help you manage your risks and configure your trading core.
Mail Server

Get notifications and mail solutions to keep your users up to date with the latest activities and updates.
Branded design

Our teams have spent thousands of hours designing and building the best-in-class user experience and UI. Each white-label solution includes basic customization by following your brand identity design and style.

Binaryx provides 24/7 pre- and post-integration support services. You have options to select which communication methods you prefer, like chat, phone or email.

If you are looking for customization of our existing modules and solutions, or you want to build something new, we would love to help. Our professional engineers, designers and managers can follow your requirements to release any tasks.

Binaryx Exchange has been localized for more than 11 languages thus helping to increase the user adoption rate. By choosing Binaryx, you will get help in terms of delivering proper messages and content for your future users.

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