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Get a passive income by investing in yield-generating rental properties starting just at $50.

🙅 No Need to Buy an Entire House 🏠

Own property fractions alongside other investors and earn a proportional rent yield

Start at $50

We divide properties into equal fractions worth $50 each. Invest small amounts every month in high-yield real estate and earn up to 16,3% annual rental return.

Earn passively

Skip the paperwork and property management stress. Let our real estate experts handle all hard work for you.

Flexible exit

Sell your fractions on the secondary market with just a few clicks and easily retrieve your investments.

Become a landlord and earn rent revenue digitally in four easy steps

Sign up and pass verification

Select a ready-to-rent property

Top up with EUR, USD or USDT

Buy fractions starting just at $50

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How our landlords make money?

Get passive income from ready-to-rent properties managed by professionals

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How Binaryx Platform works

Zero paperwork and no landlord management headache

Finding and checking a property

Real estate experts find and check a buy-to-let properties with a high annualized rent yield.

Property lists to the marketplace

The property is listed on the marketplace and investors purchase it in fractions.

Verified experts manage properties

Local RE partners conduct the purchase of the property, find tenants and manage it. No your time needed.
Are you a real estate expert?
Start earning with us

Just sit back and earn

Investors get stable rental income in proportion to the amount of fractions they own. You can sell fractions on the secondary market.
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Watch how the platform works

Our explanation video from our CEO Oleg Kurchenko who will guide you through the process.
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We connect real estate experts that do all hard work for you

Binaryx Platform

The platform brings together all the necessary professionals, so you don't have to handle property management.
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What our landlords say about us

Landlord of properties:
Karra Loft 5
Karra Loft 3
Parq 61
The great thing is that you can have an immediate return on your investment as you can claim at any time you want.

It’s a revolution! Now, many investors with smaller budgets can have access to real estate that they couldn't afford before and have a high return on it. I think the market will become more liquid now and grow as more people have access to it. The great thing is that you can have an immediate return on your investment as you can claim at any time you want. The customer support is also great! I recommend everyone get on board and invest in Binaryx products!

Landlord of properties:
Karra Loft 5
Karra Loft 3
Parq 61
I started earning rental income from the 1st day of purchasing real estate!

I got acquainted with Binaryx Platform at the end of 2021 at a conference in Bali about real estate tokenization. That was the first time I heard about the concept, and since then I have followed the project. I see great potential here and want to be a part of it. Binaryx tokenizes real estate quite conveniently in the marketplace. I really like the diversification strategy and ability to invest in various tokenized properties without any obstacles. That is why I highly recommend taking a closer look at Binaryx! I can also sell my shares through the secondary market wherever I want.

Business Developer
Landlord of properties:
Karra Loft 5
Karra Loft 3
Parq 61
I get passive income not just from the rent. The price of real estate also growing!

For the past years, I have been looking for opportunities for passive income—and real estate is one of the best options. But I faced issues, and one of them was a high entry threshold. One of my friends recommended me Binaryx what I was looking for. You can invest easily in real estate without the need to have a large sum of money and just go with a little. The best thing that I found is you can do everything for you with little and no paperwork. Binaryx does everything for you. You can start to get daily income directly to your wallets and it’s easy. I get passive income not just from the rent. The price of real estate also growing! I already own a few of the properties in Indonesia. I recommend trying this opportunity. 

Globally compliant legal framework

Collective Ownership Law

For each property, a new LLC company is registered in the United States. Investors collectively become its owners.

Ownership Process

Once the property collects the investment, the company buys it. Investors, as its co-owners, start owning this property.

Legal Ownership Assurance

Your ownership right is guaranteed by the United States law.

Proven by Technology

Your ownership is confirmed in an electronic database verified by US law.

The easiest way to get passive stable income

Less risks.
More returns
Minimum investment
Risk level
Annual ROI
Return on Investment
Liquidity level
How fast you can sell or make exit
Fees, Time, Extra costs
Less risks.
More returns
Buying Property on Your Own
Investing in Stock Indexes
Savings on a Bank Deposit
Please note that these are generalized pros and cons, and the conditions in each case may vary depending on many factors such as the specific index, the property, or the bank. The best option will depend on your individual circumstances, risk tolerance, investment goals, and financial situation. It's always a good idea to consult with a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

Our goal is to empower everyone invest in the most secure and stable assets, with an entry point of just $50.

Previously, such opportunities were exclusively available to the affluent, but we're challenging it.
Oleg Kurchenko
Binaryx Platform CEO


Find a short introduction to Binaryx and a step-by-step instruction for investing in our Beginner's Guide
What is Binaryx Platform?

Binaryx Platform is a real estate investing platform. We help investors get passive income from fractional ownership of properties worldwide. Anyone can pick a home on Binaryx Marketplace, become its co-owner in the real world for as little as $50, and enjoy a stable rental income of up to 31% APR.

How do I earn passive income with Binaryx Platform?

On Binaryx Real Estate Marketplace, investors buy real estate fractions (tokens) that represent official property ownership. Anyone who buys a fraction becomes a co-owner of this property in the real world and starts getting income from rent.
The rental income is distributed proportionally between fraction holders. Let’s give an example: for instance, the rental APR is 12%. If you own 1 fraction worth $50, it will bring you $6 per year. If you’ve bought 20 fractions worth $1000 in total, you will get $120.

When will I start earning?

Rental income accumulates daily from the apartment’s rent start date. It's indicated on the main page of the Marketplace.

What income will I get?

We offer two measures of real estate profitability: the APR and IRR (Internal Rate of Return). The APR is how much you will get from rent. That amount will accumulate in your Account; you can withdraw it anytime. The IRR includes the APR plus the expected price increase for this property in a year.
If the APR is 12% and the IRR is 22%, you will accumulate 12% from rent in your Account, and the remaining 10% will be the price growth of your fraction.

How do I withdraw my rental income?

To see how much rental income has accrued, go to Account and see your Total Rent Balance. This is the total amount of earnings that all your properties have brought you to date. Click “Claim All” to withdraw this money. You will receive it in your wallet in USDT. Withdrawals are available anytime, and there is no minimum limit.

What is the Legal Framework of Binaryx Platform?

We leverage innovative legislation implemented in The State of Wyoming, USA. The state has drafted a special regulation for DAOs, under which a DAO can be established in Wyoming as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Each time a real estate property is tokenized in Binaryx Platform, the following happens:
We leverage innovative legislation implemented in The State of Wyoming, USA. The state has drafted a special regulation for DAOs, under which a DAO can be established in Wyoming as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Each time a real estate property is tokenized in Binaryx Platform, the following happens:
- A new DAO LLC is created in Wyoming.
- This newly created DAO Company raises capital by selling its governance tokens, bAsset tokens, to buyers.
- Then, as the members decide to approve such a decision, DAO LLC invests in real estate property, legally becoming its owner.
- Every DAO member can influence the organization's governance by submitting proposals to the DAO's general membership meeting.
- Find more details about our legal framework in our Docs.

How do I become a property co-owner officially?

Whenever a property is tokenized, we create a new DAO LLC – a legal entity that owns that home. This DAO sells its governance tokens on Binaryx Marketplace, and investors who buy them become co-owners of the property. This procedure complies with US law and all targeted local legal frameworks worldwide.

How do you distribute money from rent?

Each property is connected to Partners that maintain this property, look for new tenants, solve problems, and collect rental payments. After collecting rental payments, Partners divides it into three parts:
- For its services, Partners will hold part of the property's rental income. The default option is 18%, but this can be changed through the Property DAO.
- The Binaryx platform will hold a flat 2% of the rental income.
- The remaining 80% are exchanged for USDT stablecoins and are locked in the renting smart contract for the rental period.

Where is Binaryx Platform Registered?

Binaryx Platform is registered as a Binaryx Protocol DAO LLC in Wyoming, USA.
The address is 30 N Gould St Ste R, Sheridan, WY 82801, USA.
You can check the official registration by the link.

In what countries is Binaryx Platform available?

Citizens of 200+ countries worldwide can pass the identity check on Binaryx and invest in tokenized real estate. Currently, we can’t offer our services to the citizens of the USA due to strict regulations in the United States.

Why do I pass the verification check (KYC)?

When you buy real estate fractions on Binaryx Platform, you become a co-owner of this property in the real world. Property fraction holders are registered as real estate owners in official documents. To ensure your legal ownership and enter your name in the list of co-owners, we need to know your identity – that’s why we ask investors to complete a verification KYC check. The check usually takes no longer than 5 minutes.

How do I invest in Real Estate on Binaryx Platform?

Become a property co-owner and start getting rental income in 3 simple steps:
- Open the Marketplace and connect your wallet
- Verify your identity
- Select a property and buy real estate tokens. The minimum amount for purchase is 1 token (worth $50).
For details, see the complete How-to Guide for Binaryx Marketplace. It's available in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Is there passive income if the apartment is not rented out?

We pick the most attractive locations worldwide, so there’s always a high rent demand. The first property was sold in Parq Ubud, a residential complex where tenants must stand in line for months to rent. Like in the traditional real estate market, the income will not accumulate while the apartment is not rented out, but such a situation is unlikely.

In what countries does Binaryx Platform sell real estate?

We’re starting in Bali, Indonesia because real estate there demonstrates the highest profitability and appreciates rapidly. We plan to soon expand to Montenegro and Europe. Among other things, this will allow our customers to diversify their real estate portfolio.

How can I sell real estate fractions?

You can sell your property fractions with just a few clicks and easily retrieve your investments. To do that, leave a sell order on the Secondary Market page. Note that there is a commission on the secondary market sale.

My transaction has been proceeding for too long. What can I do?

If you buy fractions via web3 wallet, it depends on the speed of the blockchain network. Transactions can sometimes take several minutes. Please wait a few minutes, and if the transaction doesn’t go through, go to our live chat and open a support ticket. Thank you for your patience!

My KYC is rejected. What can I do?

There may be several reasons why you haven’t passed the identity check: uploading inappropriate documents, low-quality photos of the document, a mismatch between the photo on the document and the selfie, forgery of documents, detected criminal record, and many others.
If your KYC was rejected, please try again later with another document. Ensure it meets all requirements: it should be a high-quality photo (not a scan) of a document with clearly visible corners. If you still can’t complete the identity check, please open a support ticket to our online chat, and we will investigate the case.

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