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January 29, 2020
LocalBitcoins are Suspending Users’ Accounts Worldwide Without Any Announcements

LocalBitcoins – Account Suspension Without Prior Announcement Amid Users’ Reports Namely, traders from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia faced the unexpected suspension. The Finnish crypto exchange made such actions without warning and notifying its users. But the reason LocalBitcoins nevertheless voiced – “an expanded process of due diligence.” Only on January 28, and this is almost a week after the first case of account freezing, LocalBitcoins tweeted that at the moment, the planned technical work is underway on the site. But, it is worth noting that in their statement, it was said about the duration of this procedure, and

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January 29, 2020
McAfee Founder Slams Bitcoin, Bolsters Altcoins Domination

Just a few months ago, John McAfee, who is looking to be the next president of the United States, truly supported Bitcoin. Moreover, he shared his opinions regarding the cryptocurrency price by stating that BTC can be very-very valuable.  In a series of tweets he explained his followers why Bitcoin may be the best financial tool for future systems, as well as joked that he would eat his valuable man’s copulation organ. Recently, the founder decided to drag Bitcoin through the mud by posting a new tweet. Such an opinion doesn’t look weird because McAfee also confessed that his pro-Bitcoin

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January 29, 2020
How Can Bitcoin Replace Fiat: Four Reasons to Know

Yesterday we reported that Deutsche Bank has slightly changed its vision regarding the cryptocurrencies as a replacement for fiat money. For some experts, it was weird to see because earlier, the representatives of the major German bank explained the opposite.  Moreover, the analysts from the bank released a new report that evaluated the whole situation around the crypto adoption as a possible financial system. The process of crowding out traditional money with digital coins could go even faster if it were not for the bans on the part of regulators and governments of different countries, as well as the dependence

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January 28, 2020
Bitcoin Main Foes: What to Expect with ETH & XRP prices?

Given that cryptocurrency community members focus their attention mainly on the Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP prospects are looking very foggy in such regard. Even though founders of both cryptocurrency companies are visible on the news background, many investors and traders almost give up on altcoins.  That is why some experts predicted that this year can be a disaster for altcoins, as the leading digital currency – Bitcoin – will erase them or make less popular and attractive for investments. Jacob Canfield is one of those, who recently commented on altcoins’ performance. Namely, he pointed out the situation around the XRP.

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January 28, 2020
Not Gold Yet, But Valuable Now – Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin Price Analysis – Shines Bright But Not Like a Gold So, at the moment, the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has crossed the cost threshold of $ 8700 thousand, which means that its price by the end has increased by 3% since this Monday. It is also worth noting the fact that altcoins stopped in the green zone, i.e., are in the same position on the pricing chart. Equally important, bitcoin forks such as Bitcoin Cash (+ 15%), Bitcoin SV (+ 8%), Bitcoin Gold (+ 14%), and Bitcoin Diamond (+ 11%) have also shown impressive growth since the beginning of

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January 28, 2020
Deutsche Bank Changes Its Opinion on Cryptocurrencies and Fiat

Deutsche Bank Research issues three reports on the future of payments Of course, it is difficult to ignore the fact that cryptocurrency has already taken a reasonably stable position in everyday life. With its development, we are already actively using digital cash as a payment method. On the other hand, there is an opinion that traditional money will not disappear shortly. For example, the largest bank in Germany, which, in turn, predicted the complete disappearance of fiat funds and replacing them with digital ones by 2030, changed its mind by 180 degrees. But despite all this, the position of the

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January 28, 2020
Bitcoin Price Forecast – To Buy or Not to Buy?

Soon, the Bitcoin exchange rate may rise to $ 9,200, suggested Omkar Godbole, an analyst at Coindesk. According to him, the price of a coin for growth needs to overcome two levels of resistance. The first of them is local, located at around $ 8800, and the second is expressed by a 200-day moving average, passing at $ 9000, the expert is sure. He added that in favor of the long-term rise in the price of Bitcoin, the MACD histogram speaks. Its indicator for the first time since August rose above zero, which signals a change in a downtrend to

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January 27, 2020
The growth of digital assets in third world countries

A breeding ground of cryptocurrency activity Recently, we can highlight the fact that in some countries of the third world, namely in Venezuela and Hong Kong, the volume of trade in bitcoins has significantly increased. The reasons for this progress can be, for example, a decrease in total foreign exchange trading, and people’s desire to invest in stable assets. The same situation can be noted in South America. As you remember, the Venezuelan crisis, which began back in 2019, received fairly widespread press coverage, impossible to overestimate. The essence of the problem was that as a result of the riots

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January 27, 2020
Justin Sun: a Successful Founder or Crypto Scammer?

From the moment of its appearance, the Tron platform and its founder Justin Sun have occupied a considerable place in the news agenda of the entire cryptocurrency industry. This happens both for completely justified reasons, such as major technological releases or significant acquisitions, and for more controversial reasons, which are clearly not lacking around the figure of a Chinese entrepreneur. Nevertheless, even if Justin Sun himself does not say this out loud, there may be something more behind. The recent multimillion-dollar purchases of technology startups than it seems at first glance and a more careful analysis of the business empire

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