Binaryx Ambassador Program

Real estate tokenization is the next big thing. Grasp its potential today – and inspire your audience with the new income opportunity

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Why Binaryx Platform?

MAR 28:

First Property $170K Value was tokenized and sold in 14 hours for 199 token holders.

We've just started and you can become a pioneer in this revolution.

Other significant reasons

Real-world assets (RWA) is the next big narrative, according to Vitalik Buterin and many others.
Binance Labs, World Economic Forum, and Boston Consulting Group expect the market of tokenized assets to grow 50X by the end of this decade.
Real estate market cap is $330 trillion, and it’s $1 trillion for crypto.
If we tokenize just 1% of real estate, the crypto market will grow 3X.
Tokenization means transferring property ownership rights onto the blockchain.
This adds liquidity and transparency to the real estate market and lowers barriers to entry for retail investors.
Binaryx Platform allows anyone to invest as little as $50, start owning a property in the real world, and earn stable passive income from rent.
Our mission is to create the easiest way for more people to invest in shareable, stable, and liquid assets.

What You’ll Do as a Binaryx Ambassador

Demonstrate the perks of investing in tokenized real estate to your audience. Explain how people can earn stable passive income with Binaryx Platform
Craft articles, guides, and blog posts
Host Binaryx community events and meetups
Give presentations and speeches
Educating and amplifying through social media
Help out with Binaryx community management
Design infographics
Create videos
Engage in other creative efforts to empower and educate the community

What You Get as a Binaryx Ambassador

Collaboration in marketing activities
Invitations to events and travel opportunities
You can become a freelance member of our team and get BNRX tokens as a reward
Possibility to create your own pool on our marketplace: your audience will get an exclusive right to invest in a particular property
Priority access to all our product features and benefits
USDT vouchers for purchasing real estate for your friends and community
Ambassador role on Binaryx Discord + badge + community NFT
Enhanced referral bonuses – up to 100% of the marketplace commission
We will support you with all materials such as presentations, media kit, banners, videos for social media, etc
...and more


Who can participate in the Ambassador program?
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