Web3 Landlord Quest by Binaryx

Complete the Web3 Quest and share a 300K USDT prize pool. Get your part of a tokenized Penthouse in Bali and earn a rental income of up to 22% APY!

Get my Bali Penthouse
Join others 60K+ Binaryx community

Get property tokens

Seize the opportunity to get a real estate token for free

Get your share of the BNRX token pool

Binaryx will airdrop its utility token to those who complete the Quest

Become a landlord of tokenized real apartment

How to participate

Make 4 steps to complete the Quest. Do social media activities, buy virtual villa tokens on our testnet, and become the real landlord of a Bali penthouse in PARQ Ubud!
Join Binaryx on Discord and Guild.xyz
Complete 5 quests on Web3 platforms and get 5 Discord roles for each.
Find full guide here
Get Early Adopter role on Discord as proof that you’ve completed the Quest
Receive Early Adopter NFT and enjoy your perks and rewards

How exactly can you achieve the Early Adopter role

Let's figure this all out.

Everything as easy as pie.

After you join our Discord and Guild, all you need to do is complete 5 quests on 5 different web3 platforms to get 5 corresponding roles on Discord. That’s it.

More question left?

Find full guide here

Rewards you will get

Share a 300,000 USDT prize pool
25,000 USDT of the pool will be distributed as real estate tokens. First 500 participants who complete the Quest will get a $50 token on Binaryx Marketplace – they will start owning a share of a Bali penthouse and earn rental income
Early Adopter NFT
After completing the Quest, you’ll get an exclusive NFT making you eligible for BNRX airdrop
Bonus for property sales
The remaining 275,000 USDT will be distributed as vouchers worth 5–40 USDT, allowing you to buy real estate tokens on Binaryx Marketplace at a lower price
BNRX token airdrop
Binaryx will launch BNRX token in the coming months and distribute a share of the pool among first property owners


Quest Start
1st Rewards Distribution
Property Sale on Binaryx
2nd Rewards Distribution
Property Sale on Binaryx
of June
End of Quest
3rd Rewards Distribution
July 17
Next property sales, BNRX token airdrop

Web3 Landlord Quest: Full Guide

How do I share the prize pool & get Early Adopter NFT?
Join Discord and Guild
Complete Web3 Quests and Get Roles
Testnet — @Explorer_early role
Galxe — @Galxe_early role
Link3 (AMAs) — @Early_listener role
Articles on Mirror/Link3— @Expert role
Zealy (ex-Crew3) — @Zealy_early role
Claim your Early Adopter role
Quest Timeline and Rewards Distribution
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