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How To Set Up And Run The Lolminer Miner? An Ultimate Guide

July 2019 was marked with exciting news. The ZelCash cryptocurrency project team hard forked the coin – it was named Kamiooka. The main feature of the update is support for the new ZelHash algorithm. It allows you not to spend all the money in the world on ASIC devices and FPGA cards (Field-Programmable Gate Array). Therefore, the new algorithm falls into the top in mining profitability (this data can be easily checked in the 2CryptoCalc calculator). And if you are using an AMD GPU to mine coins, then the lolMiner program is the best choice. Let’s see what it can do. 

What is lolMiner

The lolMiner program was explicitly created for AMD video cards (they are also called “red” video cards). This software mainly supports Equihash and Cuckatoo algorithms. Users of Nvidia GPUs (so-called “green” video cards) can also use lolMiner in their work. However, the program developers warn about possible crashes and a decrease in the mining speed when using the Nvidia GPU.

lolMiner has several significant benefits over competitors:

  • compatibility with many types of GPUs (despite being focused on AMD products);
  • correct display of mining speed;
  • operational work of technical support.

The mining software runs on Windows and Linux operating systems.

As with much other software, developers receive their commission – 1%. It means that in 24 hours of operation, the creators of lolMiner will mine in their favor for 15 minutes. It won’t cost a lot for miners.

For comparison, PhoenixMiner’s commission is 0.65%. However, the positioning of this program is slightly different. It’s touted as the fastest Ethash coin miner. At the same time, lolMiner puts more emphasis on the new Zelhash algorithm. 

What to Mine With a Lolminer? List of Supported Algorithms

This miner supports several popular mining algorithms. Let’s take a look at this list. We will also indicate examples of the top coins in these algorithms and the optimal amount of RAM for mining through lolMiner version 0.9.8.

  • Equihash 96.5 (MinexCoin) – 1.3 Gbyte;
  • Equihash 144.5а (Bitcoin Gold, BitcoinZ, SnowGem) – 1.8 Gbyte;
  • Equihash 125.4 (ZelCash) – 2.9 Gbyte;
  • Equihash 192.7 (Zero, Genesis Network) – 3 Gbyte;
  • Equihash 210.9 (Aion) – 1 Gbyte;
  • BeamHash II (Beam) – 2.7 Gbyte;
  • Cuckarood 29 (Grin) – 3.8 or 5.5 Gbyte;
  • Cuckatoo 31 (Grin) – 3.8 or 7.8 Gbyte.

It’s worth noting the fact that the lolMiner team actively supports the app. Therefore, updates are released regularly and on time. So, the last update no longer supports the BeamHash I algorithm, as the Beam network hard fork made it irrelevant. In addition, the developers have increased the hashrate of Nvidia GPUs when mining this digital currency.

Interesting fact! For Beam mining, experts recommend using the Gminer software. It works equally well under “green” and “red” video cards. 

Hashrates of Graphic Cards on Lolminer

Now it’s time for specific GPU data. We ran full-fledged tests of video cards by Nvidia. These are the results shown by some popular “green” GPUs based on lolMiner software (with Equihash 125.4 algorithm):

  • Nvidia GTX 1060 – 16.8 sol/s;
  • Nvidia GTX 1070 – 32.9 sol/s;
  • Nvidia GTX 1070 ti – 40.1 sol/s;
  • Nvidia GTX 1080 – 42.3 sol/s;
  • Nvidia GTX 1080 ti – 56.9 sol/s.

As you can see, there are specific problems with the hash rate. Therefore, it’s recommended to use the miner program for its intended purpose – mining coins on “red” video cards. GPUs from AMD show the following data on the same Equihash 125.4:

  • AMD Radeon RX 480 4 GB – 70.9 sol/s;
  • AMD Radeon RX 570 – 70.9 sol/s;
  • AMD Radeon RX 580 8 GB – 73.9 sol/s.

Attention! The best options for mining crypto on AMD GPUs are Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The reason is simple – the high profitability of mining these assets. Sometimes other coins can also skyrocket (for example, the same ZelCash). However, Ethereum is a safe bet for “red” graphics cards. And the 2CryptoCalc calculator will help you choose the most profitable crypto for mining at one time or another.

Where to Download Lolminer

The app is available on the official lolMiner page on the BitcoinTalk website. Also, on some sites, ready-made archives with all the necessary files are available. However, this method has certain risks. After all, it is so easy to get not software for crypto mining but a virus. Therefore, check the source of the download program in advance so as not to run into trouble. 

How To Set Up Lolminer

Let’s take a look at how to set up lolMiner for mining ZelCash coins using the 2Miners mining pool as an example. The .bat file with settings will look like this:






lolMiner.exe –coin ZEL –pool –port 9090 –user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID –pass x

At the same time, instead of YOUR_ADDRESS, we must indicate our crypto wallet’s address to receive mined ZelCash.

For example, t1QKRwXGfKTGfPV1z48rvoLrtuk31z3xwHa.

After that, we change the RIG_ID parameter – the desired name of the farm for mining. It’s handy for those who have several rigs at once, but the owners of one set of equipment can also change it if they wish. We enter the name in Latin. The maximum length is 32 characters (with numbers and symbols “-” and “_”).

For example, rig_1488.

As soon as we have entered all the necessary data, you can safely run the .bat file. The following picture will appear on the screen. 

After that, go to the mining pool and find ourselves in the “Miners online” tab (or another name). Here you can find out the address of the miner, the total hash rate of the rig, and the time the last shares were mined. 

The last step is to find the ZelCash wallet address in the Payouts section. Coins will begin to be credited to your account in your account after a while. 

Lolminer Additional Parameters

Sometimes you need to enter additional data before running mining software. For example, when you need to turn off one GPU or set the maximum temperature at which the video card should work.

Below we’ll provide a small list of the most common settings for the Lolminer. To use these parameters, add them to the standard launch line that we have given above. Often, software settings don’t change GPU overclocking. Therefore, look for detailed instructions on GPU overclocking on Google.

  • The –tls parameter is responsible for starting the mining of crypto coins using the TLS / SSL protocol. To mine over SSL, select the –tls on option. Remember that the address of a mining pool with and without SSL is most often noticed by one digit. For example, (Ethereum pool for SSL connections) and (mining pool without SSL);
  • Setting –devices to allow you to select specific video cards for mining. After this command, we indicate the ordinal numbers (indices) of those GPUs that must be used in mining. In this case, the numbering of the cards begins with the number 0. So, in the presence of a rig of 8 video cards, the indices go from 0 to 7. And the addition of the parameter –devices 0,1,2,3,4,6,7 launches the mining on all graphic processors, except for the sixth (index 5). Sometimes the –devices setting is used to launch a specific GPU manufacturer (Nvidia only or AMD graphics). For this, the corresponding parameters are used – –devices nvidia and –devices amd, respectively;
  • The –keepfree parameter specifies the value of GPU RAM in megabytes that should remain “in stock.” The default free memory is 56 MB for Windows and 5 MB for Linux;
  • The tstart parameter sets the minimum temperature at which video cards should work in °C. For example, –tstart 35;
  • The –tstart setting is responsible for the maximum temperature at which video cards should work in °C. For example, –tstart 75;
  • Another critical parameter is –log. It’s responsible for creating a log file (log file). With the default value –log on, a file is generated, and with the default value –log off, no file is generated.

All these parameters allow you to configure the mining of digital currencies more accurately. 


So our review has come to an end. It’s time to sum it up and talk a little about the possible risks while mining on video cards through Lolminer. They relate to the use of equipment, but not software – it’s entirely secure and maintains anonymity.

One of the most apparent risks is market volatility. The surge in the value of crypto doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. However, several times there have been strong market falls, due to which the profitability of the rigs has decreased. Therefore, many miners become disillusioned with the extraction of digital coins and sell equipment. However, such actions are somewhat hasty. It is much better to wait out the market situation and wait for new growth. Therefore, we draw the first conclusion – the mining scenario through the lolMiner miner should be calculated in advance.

Another drawback is the undefined status of crypto coins in Eastern Europe. Despite some positive steps by the governments of some states, mining remains illegal. And it’s not known how much his status will change soon. Analysts don’t exclude that the authorities will tighten the regulation of digital coins, and the withdrawal of the crypto will become a problem for miners.

There are also specific nuances when working with a mining rig – possible problems with finding a place for a rig, its maintenance, and repair. We should also note the risks when buying video cards from hands. Moreover, the miner should be careful with digital security. If the crypto wallet is hacked, the miner will most likely be left with nothing. In this case, problems can arise not only through the imprudence of the “miner” but also through a hacker attack. In some cases, the exchange can return the funds, but the solution takes a long time.

All this can be summed up as follows: don’t shoot stars working with crypto and don’t buy rigs on credit, despite the incredible prospects in the future. After all, the crypto market changes every day, so the main features of the miner should be caution, consistency, and sober calculation. And the reliable program lolMiner will help you get income.

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