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What is New Year without gifts? Binaryx Contest

Friends, I really want to please you with cool gifts for the New Year. Therefore – attention! – we are giving away as much as 10 ETH on our official Instagram page @Binaryx_platform.

🎄Conditions couldn’t be easier:

  1. Make a repost of the contest publication in the Stories via the “airplane”.
  2. Mark a friend, girlfriend, soul mate or favorite hater in the “For” line.
  3. Mark yourself in the From line.
  4. Of course, don’t forget to check our official @Binaryx_platform page.
  5. Wait for Ether to your wallet in Binaryx (we will contact you via Direct).

Everyone who gives Ethereum to a friend in this way gets the opportunity to win a piece of real cryptocurrency! And the best thing about this competition is that there will be many winners. So go to our Instagram soon and fulfill all the conditions.

🌟We will recognize the lucky ones on January 11, 2021.

We wish you good luck in the competition and happiness in the New Year. Thank you for following our development and enjoying success with us.❤️