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Gifts From Binaryx For February 14 And The First Tokenized Valentine’s Card

Dear friends, we want to please you with new competition from the Binaryx team! ? Let’s talk about what this drawing is and how to compete for the main prize – a trip to Dubai.

Binaryx has issued an SVDT token (St. Valentine’s Day Token) for Valentine’s Day. Each new and existing user of the platform gets 100 SVDT for free to the wallet. With their help, you can create a unique digital valentine’s card and tell your soul mate about your feelings in an original way. 

But the best news is we’ve prepared a whole 14 gifts for you:

1st place – a romantic trip to Dubai for two ?

2nd place – Apple Watch 6

3rd place – AirPods Pro

4, 5, 6, 7 places – cold wallet for storing cryptocurrency

Moreover, we will randomly select 7 lucky ones among all the participants, who’ll get 1000 SVDT each! ?

Promotion period: 2021.02.14-2021.03.14

  1. If you’re a new user and don’t have an account yet, visit Binaryx landing page, which is dedicated to Valentine’s Day, and create an account.
  2. If you already have an account, open your wallet and find SVDT tokens in it (we give 100 SVDT to each user).
  3. Then create your Valentine’s Day wish and post it on our website. This can be done in one of the following ways:
  • Or click “Participate” there:
  • Use the “Spend” button in your wallet

4. Make a valentine’s card, send it to your soul mate and share it on social networks

5. Each participant has the opportunity to promote his valentine’s card in the ranking among all participants in the competition. The more points a valentine’s card has, the higher its place. The higher the position, the bigger chances to win the top prize from Binaryx – a trip to Dubai for two. So, make sure you’ve already created a wish and use it to promote.

6.  In order to increase the likelihood of the prize and take one of the winning places (and, perhaps, a trip to Dubai is waiting exactly for you), you can buy more SVDT coins through our exchanger to promote your digital valentine.  How to do it:

  • Visit your wallet section and click the ‘Trade’ button
  • Visit the SVDT website and click the ‘Trade’ button

Right after, you will be redirected to the trading terminal, where you can buy more SVDT coins. Please make sure that you have chosen an SVDT pair before the order opening.

At the beginning of the promotion, one token is worth $ 0.01 (note that the token becomes more expensive over time, read the detailed information below).

Pay attention: one more advantage of buying SVDT token is that you can use them in the next promotions from Binaryx. Which ones? Follow the news. ?

Tokenomics of SVDT (economic component):

What actions can be performed with the token:

  • Send Valentine’s Card – 50 SVDT;
  • Move to the top of the ranking list – from 20 SVDT to ∞;
  • Buy a token in the terminal – unlimited in quantity;
  • Trade a token in the terminal/sell a token (after March 14, 2021).


The token takes part in the promotional offer from February 14 to March 14, 2021.

After March 14, the trading option opens, and the “Sell” button becomes available to users.

Will the token become more expensive or cheaper, and under what conditions?

The limited volume of the token ensures the growth of prices in the order book. After March 14, the token starts trading freely in our terminal. Also, the price increase will occur due to the burning of tokens that took part in creating and promoting greetings (valentine’s cards).

Placement of SVDT base units

ActionQuantity / priceUnit
1Total turnover14 014 014pcs
2SVDT remains and circulates freely until March 14, given the increase in price from volume9 014 014pcs
3Shared with all new users5 000 000pcs
4Shared with all previously registered users460 000pcs
4.1Spread through new promotions until February 144 600 000pcs
5Nominal initial price of the token0,01USD
6The cost of a buy/sell transaction in the terminal0USD/SVDT
7Cost of one promotion action20 – ∞SVDT
8Burningall involved in transactions SVDT
9Creating of a valentine’s card50SVDT
10Sale of tokens in the terminalmin quantity of SVDT = $1 pcs

Schedule for the SVDT token

2021/01/26 – 2021/02/12Token development
2021/02/12Advertising campaign launch
2021/02/14Launch of the SVDT token
2021/03/14Trading is open, and the ability to sell a token is unlocked

Price growth is 14% per day.

PriceChange per 1 dayDate (2021)Sales Volume
0,01February 14400000
0,0114+14%February 15400000
0,012996+14%February 16400000
0,01481544+14%February 17500000
0,0168896016+14%February 18500000
0,01925414582+14%February 19500000
0,02194972624+14%February 20450000
0,02502268791+14%February 21450000
0,02852586422+14%February 22450000
0,03251948521+14%February 23450000
0,03707221314+14%February 24450000
0,04226232298+14%February 25450000
0,0481790482+14%February 26450000
0,05492411495+14%February 27450000
0,06261349104+14%February 28450000
0,07137937978+14%March 1360000
0,08137249295+14%March 2288000
0,09276464197+14%March 3288000
0,1057516918+14%March 4288000
0,1205569287+14%March 5230400
0,1374348987+14%March 6184320
0,1566757845+14%March 7147456
0,1786103944+14%March 8117965
0,2036158496+14%March 9117965
0,2321220685+14%March 10117965
0,2646191581+14%March 1194372
0,3016658403+14%March 1294372
0,3438990579+14%March 1394372
0,392044926+14%March 1475497

Wish the best luck and love to all participants of the competition! ❤️

P.S. You can download the White Paper for SVDT token at the link.

Create Your Own Valentine’s Cards

Memorize your names and Valentine’s Day wishes. Get a chance to win memorable gifts

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